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The train prepares to bid the murdered breachmen goodbye in a ceremony. Some of the guild leaders present give the Wilford salute as the bodies are jettisoned to smash on a frozen river far below a train trellis. Boki provides his comrades with a Wilford medallion before opening the train car to roll them out.

Till tries to convince Boki that Pastor Logan confessed to colluding with Wilford and organizing the massacre of the breachmen but Boki refuses to turn against Wilford.

Wilford comes to see Alex in the engine room. Audrey's singing in the tub. Alex confronts him with knowledge of an intentional breach on Big Alice but Wilford doesn't give her a good reason for it.

Layton holds a war room with Till, Zarah, Roche, and Dr. Pelton. Till reports the Tunnelmen are supporting Wilford. Dr. Pelton says Second Class backs Layton. Roche insists that the brakemen will follow him and he'll stay true to Layton.

Roche returns home where his daughter is being sent to stay uptrain until the unrest settles. Carly isn't happy about it. After she leaves, Roche and June discuss the situation.

When Roche turns on a tap, the pipes burst.

Javi and Ruth inspect the damage. Osweiller and LJ take control of the clean-up to show they can lead Janitorial.

Under the train, all the pipes burst when the pressure surges.

On Big Alice, Josie wakes up with Wilford standing over her, offering water to drink. He shows her a mirror and she can see her face has been nearly completely repaired.

He gives her a strategy to overcome the phantom pain in her missing hand.

Ben reports the issue to Layton. One of the train's gills is jammed open and it's causing a tsunami of water. Layton goes to ask Boki to unjam the gill.

Audrey makes an entrance but only finds Alex in the engine. She tells her to look out the window and they see Icy Bob making his way back from uptrain along the tops of the train cars.

Bob re-enters with severe frostbite. Wilford hands him back a Wilford medallion.

Audrey finds Josie in the mess hall.

Layton and Till approach Boki. He chooses to do his job.

Josie finds Icy Bob. Dr. Headwood comes in and mourns the loss of Bob's potential. She sends Josie to rest, implying she is important to their cause.

Josie goes to the external lock and opens the outer door. She reaches her hand into the lock and her hand doesn't freeze.

Alex observes Snowpiercer venting water. Wilford is uninterested. Alex asks Ben why they've slowed and Ben covers that it's routine maintenance.

Boki climbs out to the gill and finds a train spike stuck in it. He clears the block and brings the spike back in with him. He knows that it was sabotage and hands Layton his Wilford medallion as a sign he's broken with Wilford and supports Layton now.

Ruth commends LJ on her work. As she passes the Roche quarters, Anne tells her that she was just asked if Roche stands with or against Wilford.

Anne goes to see Roche where he's deploying the brakemen. She gives them sandwiches as they leave. She talks with Roche and advocates that they support Wilford because life was easier for them under his Order.

Roche disagrees.

LJ makes dinner for Oz to come home to. They share their affection for each other and kiss.

Ben and Javi bring Layton to the engine server room. They discover that the god module is fried and they'll need Wilford to provide a replacement.

Wilford agrees to bring the module alone. Layton and the team plan to keep his presence in the engine a secret. Layton promises to send up a flare to warn his supporters if it goes wrong.

As they board the subtrain, Wilford is spotted by a tunnelman and the rumors start to fly.

When they connect the new module, the system overloads. Wilford tracks the issue to a workaround Melanie implemented during the fifth revolution.

Wilford realizes Big Alice can push and allow Snowpiercer to shut down the engine and restart it again.

Ben orders the shutdown and the tunnelmen jump into action.

In the engine, Javier isn't fast enough with the rewiring so Wilford jumps in and does it.

Wilford addresses the train, triggering excitement from his supporters. The restart works and Wilford supporters rejoice.

Layton returns to the engine and sends up the flare. The train is lost.

In the aftermath, Roche visits Layton, bound in the interrogation room. Layton will be held on Big Alice. Roche promises to help the Tail however he can. Roche lets Zarah in to say goodbye to Layton.

Roche is told to report to Big Alice where he is met by Audrey. She takes him to the Headwoods and a drawer room where his wife and daughter have already been Drawered.

Wilford enters the Snowpiercer engine and Ben gives him control of the train.

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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Well, the Eternal Engineer, he's always been a social engineer, hasn't he? He'd have to be. He rendered us all into his system. And even though his engine may be eternal, the rest of Snowpiercer? She still runs on meat. All one thousand thirty-four cars long.


Things fall apart, right? Or do they? Who can tell anymore what's true, what's a Wilford ruse? So we hang on too tight to what we do know. Crack ourselves into harder factions. We're not afraid of our Ag Sec failing or biosecurity anymore. We're lighting red lanterns for Wilford because we're afraid of each other. And me, I'm out here selling the only common ground left, that we're all human beings. You know, who need love and connection and space for hope. Or we kill each other. What is it about recent history that's so friggin' hard to remember?