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Melanie’s Voice-Over

Audrey sits at the piano in the Night Car and plays. Roche sets up the brakemen to keep the factions apart. Oz rushes through the corridors. Josie and Layton discuss whether the Tail still has faith in him.

Oz finds Audrey in the Night Car, packs his bug-out bag and intends on leaving asap. Wilford’s people suddenly show up and secure the Night Car for their base.

Audrey continues to play as Wilford makes his entrance.

Layton’s Voice-Over. Melanie joins in on the Snowpiercer line.

Wilford grabs Audrey and kisses her, assuming she’s with him as he tries to take the train again. Dr. Headwood leads a resurrected Boki down to the Night Car.

Melanie asks Ruth to support her.

Till reports that Ag-Sec voted in favor of staying on the train with Melanie. Zarah calculates that anyone who was on the fence is now backing Melanie.

Layton faces the Tail. He admits he lied and that New Eden might not be able to sustain life long-term, but he points out that the Tail can’t afford to go back to the way things were.

Roche enters the Night Car and offers sanctuary to anyone who wants to leave. Audrey is tempted but decides against it. Oz tries but LJ is cowed into abandoning him. Boki physically throws Oz over the Wilfordite barricade.

Ruth brings Alex to see Melanie. Alex tells her she needs to speak with Layton before the train descends into chaos.

Layton and Melanie meet in the subtrain. Ruth, Alex, and Till are there too. Melanie stands firm against taking the turn to New Eden.

Melanie leaves the talks.

The Tail forces take over Ag-Sec. Javi calls Ben to see why the train is slowing down.

Zarah leaves Liana with Ben in Big Alice.

Oz finds the Tailies in Ag-Sec and informs them that Wilford’s taken the Night Car and has Icy Boki. Till refuses to believe Audrey’s gone back to Wilford.

Audrey’s blending into her old spot at Wilford’s side. Zarah comes to speak with Wilford to reaffirm her safety and Liana’s.

Ruth reports that the Tail has taken Ag-Sec. Melanie considers allying with Wilford to win. Ruth leaves her side at that point.

In the Night Car, the Wilfordites are trying to make icy Boki flinch. Apparently, he is now impervious to pain because he experiences no sensation. Melanie seeks Wilford out, offering an alliance.

Her conditions are that he retire from engineering altogether, leaving her to run the train. He can have luxuries and his Headwood labs. They shake on it. LJ and Audrey watch from down below.

Ruth seeks out Lights in one of the Resistance’s hidey-holes.

Roche is pulled in to take orders from Melanie and Wilford. The brakemen are to form a barrier to the Tailies’ possibly advancing. Roche gives Layton a couple of hours to stand down. The Tail is not standing down.

Alex is recalled to the engine. She is angry at Melanie for putting her friends’ lives at risk.

Layton wants a better way to solve the problem than physical conflict. He calls Melanie and they figure something out.

Wilford’s giving his forces a pep talk and wants Audrey to play a song for them. She refuses but before he can take it further, Melanie comes in. She wants to come up with a way to beat Layton without ordering an attack. Wilford offers to use his hold over Zarah and Liana to negotiate. Melanie agrees.

Wilford has Zarah bring Liana to the cold lock car where Melanie’s track scraper was brought aboard. Before Boki can follow them in, Melanie shuts the doors on him. Layton appears and defends Zarah.

In the other car, Ruth bops Boki on the head with a shovel but he doesn’t feel it so she runs. He chases her down a corridor where she signals as he’s able to charge her and Lights opens a ceiling grate into his face, knocking him out.

Till and Audrey join Layton, Zarah, and Melanie. They force Wilford into the track scraper which has been resupplied with suspension fluid and stimulant. Ben and Josie put the scraper out on a diverging track. Wilford sets himself up for suspension and goes under as he speeds away from the train.

Layton and Melanie make a joint announcement to the train. Everyone will be allowed to choose. They can go forward to New Eden with Layton or stay on the train with Melanie.

They have six hours to make their decision.

Till and Audrey talk. Audrey intends on staying to do what she can to help people. Till needs to get off the train.

Till goes to see Roche where he and Carly are packing to get off. She’s heartbroken about Audrey.

Melanie goes to see Ben. He’s willing to stay with her on the train but needs the relationship to be fully reciprocated. She agrees.

Miles decides to stay on the train to learn from Melanie and Ben. He parts ways with Layton and Josie.

Josie and Layton reconnect.

LJ is angry and pouting in the Market when Oz walks by to join the New Eden train. He says he can come with him, but she’s determined to stay on the train. He kisses her goodbye.

Melanie packs Alex’s bags for her with lots of socks and the jacket she survived in. They clear the air between the two of them and forgive each other.

Ruth passes the Hospitality torch onto Tristan.

As the train prepares to separate, the Tailies start their chant and beat.

At the Ag-Sec J-link, the countdown begins and Till changes her mind, choosing to stay on the train with Audrey.

The train separates and the Big Alice-pushed half makes the turn to the Horn of Africa.

On Snowpiercer, in the market, LJ is crying to herself and pops her father’s glass eye in her mouth to comfort herself. Someone bumps into her and she chokes to death on it, unnoticed by anyone.

The track to the Horn of Africa is really rough. All anyone can do is hope. The track is starting to collapse under them.

Audrey sings “Fast Train” in the Night Car. Till watches from the audience in her brakeman uniform.

A weather front hits just as Big Alice crosses a trestle bridge that also collapses as they cross it.

The train comes to a stop having come completely off the tracks. The weather outside is -10C and climbing. Everyone disembarks and wonders at the not frozen lake and the sunshine.

Three months later, Melanie is at the controls when she spots a rocket launching on the horizon. It explodes mid-air, raining down missiles.


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Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Layton: The original sinners. Me and Melanie. I should've known it would come down to this. How else would we choose humanity's fate but by war...
Melanie & Layton: On Snowpiercer, one thousand and twenty-nine cars long.

I guess someone has to be the monster. The one who favors reason and shatters dreams. I've died and sacrificed my bond with Alex so many times for this train. To surrender now would render that meaningless, so maybe it was inevitable that the monster would be me.