Melanie: The point is this. It's everything. Every last soul on Earth. If I have to sell mine to protect theirs, so be it, right?
Ruth: Well, I'm sorry, but I've spent too long redeeming myself to go back now.

Layton: We both got enough ego to believe we can save everyone. We set ourselves up in an impossible role.
Melanie: Once you got the job, it's so hard to let it go.

I can't promise you that New Eden can support life long-term. But the Tail knows neither can this train. We've suffered under Melanie's rule before. We can't go back to that.


Ruth: Layton took Ag-Sec without firing a shot. His people stuck with him. He holds all the cards now, Melanie.
Melanie: Can the brakemen hold him?
Ruth: Roche won't fight your war. He serves the people.

Melanie: Getting close to the bell, huh?
Layton: Yeah, it tolls for you, too.

Melanie: Thanks for letting Alex cross over.
Layton: It was her choice, and I knew she'd be a double-edged sword.
Melanie: Yeah, I'll probably lose her by trying to save her.

I guess someone has to be the monster. The one who favors reason and shatters dreams. I've died and sacrificed my bond with Alex so many times for this train. To surrender now would render that meaningless, so maybe it was inevitable that the monster would be me.


Layton: The original sinners. Me and Melanie. I should've known it would come down to this. How else would we choose humanity's fate but by war...
Melanie & Layton: On Snowpiercer, one thousand and twenty-nine cars long.

We have to look at it objectively. If you can't do that, you've lost your way as an engineer.


My whistle is wanting and so is the help. You think this is your room? I am the Night Car.


The problem is, Melanie, you're a legend. So you do have support. Former Firsties, some guilds, etc. But you're both militarily outmatched and down in the polls, so you need me. Two legends are better than one.


Layton: You're falling right back into using fear to keep order
Melanie: You picked up the sword. Right back to shedding blood.
Layton: Fear or blood.
Melanie: And either way, he wins.
Layton: And we both lose.

Snowpiercer Quotes

Resistance is never futile but Wilford's train is a fortress to class. Maybe it is perpetual.

Old Ivan

Pike: You know what I think, Layton? I don't think you got the guts to stand with us.
Layton: Pike, you can question my plan if you want. You question my fight and we got a serious problem.