Billy, Adechike
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A brief rundown of last night's routines ...

Kent Boyd with Anya Garnis (cha cha): Kent has come so far this season.

Robert Roldan with Kathryn McCormick (contemporary): They did a gorgeous job.

AdeChike Torbert with Courtney Galiano (jazz): AdeChike clearly went all in, but some say lacked style and finesse.

Jose Ruiz with Comfort Fedoke (hip hip): A hip hop hybrid blending jazz showed Jose's versatility - but is it enough?

Lauren Froderman with Allison Holker (Broadway): Not her best, but Lauren makes anything work.

Billy with Ade Obayomi (contemporary): The dancing was incredible and Billy looks healthy.

Kent and Jose (Broadway): Jose looked overmatched by Kent. But who isn't?

AdeChike and Lauren (foxtrot): Another strong performance by Lauren.

Robert and Billy (Bollywood): Robert was a little more suited to this than Billy.

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