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Clay shocks Jax with the deal he made with the cartel this week: as part of their new gun-running role, SAMCRO will also play the middle man in cocaine exchanges. Jax takes major exception to this, but comes up with a deal: he'll back Clay, as long as Clay understand Jax will leave the club at the same time as his step-father, with no problems as a result.

Clay accepts.

But the club isn't ready to vote on the drug issues, as sides are drawn. Bobby is especially against it and starts to manipulate Tig to get him on their side. Elsewhere:

- Gemma finds all of Maureen's letters. They include JT's accident report, showing how he died. She confides in Wayne about this, but doesn't tell Clay the whole story. Or confront Tara yet.

- We meet Romeo, who is part of the cartel and helps save Jax and Opie from a dangerous situation with the Russians. He means business and says he and his members will protect SAMCRO at all times.

- The Mayor pressures the sheriff to take action against the Sons for dumping those bodies on his developments. So Roosevelt takes a bat to SAMCRO's clubhouse, while the DA in town says they have to wait around for more intel to pursue their RICO case.

Sons of Anarchy
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