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After torturing the Prospects with a game of Russian Roulette in order to determine which of them stole the brick of cocaine, the quasi truth was uncovered this week:

Juice went outside and grabbed the brick in order to sneak it back in, but was caught by Miles. He shot him in the face during a scuffle and proceeded to tell the club Miles was the one who stole the drugs. Chibbs has his suspicious, though, due to the way Juice was acting while the Prospects were being grilled.


- Clay hired Romeo to place a hit on Tara, after threatening Unser to keep quiet. But Unser dropped a hint to the sheriff that Tara was in danger and ended the episode by dropping an anonymous note in her car, saying he planned to kill her.

- Opie's affair with the porn star was exposed, as she even pulled a gun in the club house after being approached by Lyla. Lyla later told Opie about the abortion, which appeared to end their marriage. Jax, meanwhile, responded to the porn star's gun pull by smashing her head into a mirror inside her dressing room.

- Tig got some air time with his daughter, who came by and claimed his other daughter needed $12,000 to go to rehab for an eating disorder. Gemma and Bobby did some research and disproved this claim, but Tig gave her the money anyway. He just wants to be there for her in any way he can and would also like it if she visited again.

Sons of Anarchy
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