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The walls closed down around Juice this week, as Roosevelt arrested him for cocaine possession under pressure from the ADA and threatened to expose his history to the club or send him to jail, as an unprotected rat.

It left Juice with no choice: the episode ended with him hanging himself from a tree above the unmarked grave of Miles. RIP, dude.


- Everyone was in a panic over Tara's death threat. Clay knew Unser had left it in order to force Tara into the protection of the club, a plan that worked well. She's frightened, but she has someone with her at all times.

- Bobby called for a vote to challenge Clay as President.

- The club learned that the Galindo cartel's rivals were in town, causing major problems, such as forcing a local family to shoot Alvarez (he's alive) during a meeting with SAMCRO.

- Lyla left town.

Sons of Anarchy
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