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Jax has Juice get himself arrested so he can try and kill Lin in prison with the help of Telly. 

Jax wants to use the Reverend's wife as leverage against Marks to get him to back off. He buries the Reverend's body on Pope Construction property. A pimp named Greensleeves is blackmailing the wife so Jax kills him and offers a job at Diosa to one of his whores named Winsome.

Jax offers help getting the wife clean. He sends her to the cabin and has a couple of club members pick up Gemma but she's worried about what Juice has told Jax the truth and is afraid she's about to be killed. As Gemma prepares to be escorted to the cabin, she cries to baby Thomas that she didn't mean to kill Tara, it was an awful accident. Abel overhears her. Gemma eventually realizes that she's in no danger when she sees the mother and son.

Unser tells Jax that Eglee remembers what happened but will keep her mouth shut as long as her life isn't in danger. 

Nero tells Gemma he plans to sell out of Diosa and buy his uncle's farm. He wants her to come with him. 

Jax and the boys lay in wait for Marks but his security detail shows instead and hands Jax a box. They grabbed Bobby while he was driving alone. In the box is a video of Bobby being tortured, his SAMCRO patches and his eye. 

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

I keep asking for way more than the patch requires and never once have any of you hesitated or had a blink of doubt.


Your loyalty and faith in me over the last few weeks, I can't express my gratitude.