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For the South Park season 15 premiere, the show takes on Apple's iPad and the indie flick, "Human Centipede," in one fell swoop.

When Kyle agrees to the Apple iTunes User Agreement, he agrees to become part of a human centipede.  Meanwhile, Cartman only wants an iPad, but his mother wants to buy him an off-brand tablet instead.  Cartman complains all his way to Dr. Phil and when Apple hears, they give him the HUMANCENTiPad.  But back at home, Kyle's father manages to get him out of the contract by using the geniuses and making it a family plan.

South Park
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South Park Season 15 Episode 1 Quotes

Why don't you at least go across and the street and get some condoms? Because we should at least be safe if you're going to f**k me.


Can I at least borrow some of your lipstick mom? Because I at least want to look pretty the next time you f**k me.