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On this episode of Southland...

- Nate’s funeral is scheduled for Sunday so most police officers can attend.

- Lydia and Josie investigate the rape of Katherine Wellington.  After Josie pushes Katherine to make an ID from a photo array, Katherine identifies her gardener, Sergio.

- Sergio is arrested for rape and tries to run.  He is hit by a car and sustains serious injuries.  But Katherine’s story begins to unravel.  She eventually confesses that she was never raped.  She was having an affair with her tennis teacher and her husband came back early and caught them so she made up the story about the rape.

- Katherine is arrested for filing a false police report.  Lydia and Josie recommend an attorney to help Sergio and his family sue the Wellingtons.

- John’s back pain continues and his acupuncturist says he should see a surgeon since his treatments are not working.

- A young boy named Richard is left behind when his parents skip town.  He becomes attached to John but John tells him he’s done all he can for him.  Richard is hurt and angry.

- John speaks at his father’s parole hearing.  His father is in prison for rape and murder and John tells the parole board he should stay in prison until the day he dies.

- On the drive home, John is trying to take a pill while driving.  Distracted, he swerves off the side of the road and spills his pills to the ground.  He completely breaks down as he finds himself clawing through dirt to retrieve his pain killer.

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Southland Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

John: Can't put a price tag on man's best friend.
Ben: Sure you can.

Southland cops know when the Santa Ana winds blow, you learn just how close you are to the edge.