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-Lydia is about three months pregnant but chooses not to tell work yet as she'll be put on desk duty.

-Lydia and Ruben investigate Brian Murrow's murder. Melanie, who along with her teenage daughter Nicole lived with Brian, confesses to killing him. Ruben figures out Nicole is the actual guilty party but she flees the scene.

-Lydia and Ruben track down Nicole who Ruben has to shoot to bring in. Melanie says her daughter is troubled and she'd do anything to protect her.

-Sammy accidentally shoots a dog in an alley. The other officers make fun of him when he agrees to pay $1,300 for the dog's surgery and plans to keep him. When the dog's poor owners show up Sammy ends up paying the bill anyway.

-Ben looks at houses with a realtor but doesn't seem happy.

-Tang spends all day trying to help a homeless Marine get off the street. Her father was a Marine and she feels a connection. When no agency will assist, Cooper helps her get the man a picture ID that will get him into a shelter.

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Southland Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Some days the trying works better than others.


All new teeth. Plastic surgery. It's really an upgrade.