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-Ben pranks Sammy by stealing his clothes while he's in the shower and taping up his locker. The prank war begins.

-After a shooting Sammy calls a neighborhood man who yells at him a crackhead. When the man proves he's clean and complains, he also gives Sammy the name of the shooter. Later the same man is shot in the arm.

-Sammy gets Ben's one night stand to tell him she's pregnant. Ben panics until he figures out it's a joke.  Ben puts a flock of pigeons in Sammy's car.

When a gay teenager tries to commit suicide, Coooper pulls him to safety. He admits to the kid that he is also gay. Unfortunately, the kid manages to kill himself later on at the hospital.

-Cooper gets his 20 year pin but has been on the job almost 22 years. Tang takes Cooper and the guys out for drinks to celebrate his 22 years.

-Ruben guesses that Lydia is pregnant. They work a possible home invasion where the adult son was shot while sitting at his desk. When the father's story doesn't add up they realize he did it. He found bondage porn on his son computer, knew he had a history of violence, found weapons and thought his son was going to hurt someone so he killed him.

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Southland Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Take your time. They'll still be dead when we get there.


Cooper: Time flies when your having fun.
Tang: Fun? More like futile.