Southland Review: Who's The Daddy?

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As Lydia struggled with her own "Identity" on Southland this week, the bigger question loomed unanswered. Who's the Daddy?

Wasn't it funny how everyone figured out Lydia was pregnant? Her mother, her partner, and even Tang. Of course, the signs were all there but Lydia waited three months to get herself to a doctor. She was definitely in denial.

She seemed to be wrestling with whether a police detective could also handle being a single mother. Or at least I'm assuming she'd be a single mom since she hasn't mentioned the father. 

We're left to wonder if she's still dating her ex-partner's son or if this is a new guy in her life. I hope we get those answers soon.

Ben to the Rescue?

Ruben's take on motherhood seemed to surprise Lydia. That Melanie confessed to a murder she didn't commit didn't faze Ruben. Admit to a murder or commit murder, all is fair game when a mother's protecting her child.

Cooper and Tang were a magnet for the crazy people tonight. The invisible guy who fell in love with their car was priceless. And I loved the county workers who tried to pawn off the dismembered body on the railroad tracks until they saw Tang going off on someone over the phone. They quickly decided they'd rather deal with body parts than have to tangle with her.

Tang's commitment to helping the homeless Marine was touching. She fought all day long to find help that no one was willing to give. Then, when hope was fading, Cooper stepped up and did what he could. There were no easy answers here, but at least they tried. Finding someone willing to do that is half the battle.

Ben and Sammy took the prize for my favorite partners, but it mostly had to do with Sammy. First, he's prodding Ben to move out of his artsy neighborhood before he starts going gluten free and drinking raw milk. I'm sure some girl will have Ben doing both before long.

Then, Sammy felt horrible for shooting the dog. You could see that Sammy's got a good heart when he's with his son but this storyline drove that point home.

He had to promise Lakers tickets to the paramedics to get them to transport the dog to the vet. Then he agreed to pay $1,300 for the dog's surgery so it wouldn't be put down. Just when he's thinking he's got a new pet out of the deal, the real owners show up. They loved the dog but were too poor to pay the bill. 

So Sammy's out $1,300 and won't be going home with a new furry companion - but at least he'll know he did the right thing.

Tonight's episode was a little more touchy feely than the kick ass Southland I've come to expect this season, but it was still a solid hour of television. 

Despite loving this show's intense drama, I do hope Sammy gets some happiness soon. After watching his partner beaten to death and his pregnant wife leave him for another man, he certainly deserves some luck. Which do you think Sammy should get first, a dog of his own or a new girlfriend?

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