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-Lydia work a case where all three of a woman's sons have been shot over the years. In the end they catch the killer but have to tell her that her son was dealing drugs.


-Terrill's wife accuses Lydia of still having an affair. Lydia tells her that he may be having an affair but it's not with her. Lydia struggles to find help with the baby now that her mom is gone.


-Cooper decides he doesn't want to be a training officer any longer and gets a new veteran parnter, Hank. The two clash at first but later get along. Cooper's own former training officer tries to convince him to take on a new boot.


-Tammy doesn't show up at the custody drop and then tries to provoke Sammy into attacking her so that her boyfriend can film it.  Later she presses assault charges.


-Ben and Sammy are involved when a shooter goes on a rampage and kills several people in an English as a second language class.

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Southland Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Look around. You ain't riding with some boot.


The LAPD serves 4 million people speaking over 100 different languages. Sometimes things get lost in translation.