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-Mendoza says he was shot in the shoulder in a drive by at his home. Sherman pushes gang banger Dwayne for information. Dwayne points him to a rival gang. Later, Dwayne's young son is shot in a drive by.


-Turn out Mendoza lied about the shooting. He shot himself in the hopes of getting money to pay his bills. When Sammy feels guilty about the injured child, Sherman justifies that that's what being a gang banger's kid can expect.


-Steele is upset when Cooper writes up an elderly man with an expired drivers license who drove onto a golf course. Cooper points out that a similar driver killed 10 people at a farmer's market. Later they find that the man committed suicide.


-When a suspect opens fire on Cooper and Steele, Steele cowers and hides, leaving Cooper to fend for himself. 


-Steele says the job is pointless and not worth getting killed over. Cooper removes his badge for him.


-Lydia and Reuben investigate when the husband of a female boxer's body shows up burned in a canyon. When all roads lead back to the wife as a suspect, she tries to run and Lydia has to physically fight her to arrest her.


-Later that night, Lydia's mother dies at home while watching Christopher. 

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Southland Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

People punching each other because they're hot and sweaty. Classy.


Being a cop in Los Angeles is different from being a patrol officer in other cities. Not every officer can take the heat.