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-Lydia is sleep deprived and stressed as she juggles breast feeding her new born and her job.

-Lydia and Ruben investigate a male rape case where the victim, Armando refuses to admit what happened, impeding a rape kit. Lydia lies to Armando, saying his family and friends have already seen video so he might as well take the test.  After he does, he realizes that Lydia lied to him..

-Sherman gets an award for bravery but Sammy's unhappy with his cavalier attitude on the job.

-Tammy tries to make Sammy look bad so she can gain full custody of their son.

-Cooper clashes with his new partner, Steel a military veteran who's done two tours in Afghanistan.

-Cooper's live-in partner of three years moves out when Cooper doesn't seem to want to move forward in their relationship, pushing Cooper to drink.

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Southland Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Mom: From nursing a baby to examining a corpse. Must feel strange.
Lydia: Which part?

We hold cops to a higher stander because we give them a gun and a badge. The only problem with that is, they're recruited from the human race.