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-RHD holds back information in the search for Lucero's killers causing Ruben and Lydia to run down their own leads.  When they find the two junkies, one kills the other. The final suspect runs and hides in a tank yard where he is eventually captured.


-Ruben is singled out for commendation. Lydia has to leave because Russell rushed Christopher to the hospital. He had a seizure due to a high fever but will be fine.  Lydia and Russell grow closer.


-Ben forces Elena's brother Chris to leave town as Sammy gets closer to the truth. Sammy tracks down Chris'  car which was identified at the scene of his break in. He finds out that Ben had the car towed that day and he puts it all together.


-Ben and Sammy fight. Ben tells Sammy it was his fault for not destroying that tape. Sammy tells him their partnership is over.


-Cooper goes back to work but isn't allowed on the street. His former training officer questions why he and Lucero gave up their guns. Then Cooper's ex-wife tells him she won't have a child with him.


-Cooper gets into a dispute with a neighbor over their generator. When they call Cooper a pig, he snaps and beats them. When police show up Cooper stands up holding the one man's gun and is shot by police.  An ambulance is called to the scene.

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Southland Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm Brooke by the way, The girl he stopped seeing so he could just f*ck you.


Most cops manage to stay sane despite the chaos all around them, but in their hearts they know, everyone has their breaking point.