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A woman is shot by a sniper during her wedding. The whole place goes into chaos as people are wondering who would commit such a crime.

It turns out the woman he been stalked in the past and Beth has helped her. Her dad, Jimmy reveals he seen her stalker at the wedding. The man named Paul was obsessed with her after finding out she was gay and was taunted because people said he turned her gay.

Jimmy initially blamed Beth because she promised she would watch her.

The real stalker is an ex employee of Jimmy's who was fired 2 years ago. the stalker goes to the hospital and attacks Jimmy before being attacked by Jack who shoots him to save himself. 

Jack continued to try and get Amanda to talk to him. She's having none of it and has a boyfriend who also works in the TAU. She reminds Jack of her ultimatum to him. 

Jack is almost caught looking in Amanda's window, but he manages to get away in time.

Beth asks if he has a past with Amanda and he lies to her face. She says she doesn't want poison to spread through her work force.

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Beth: Why are you running?
Jack: Let's stop running.

Resentful stalkers rarely turn to violence.