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Hannah is on her phone and realises her front door is open. She rushes to check on her little brother who is no longer in his bed. She finds him and he tells her someone is in the house. They both run outside.

An investigation kicks off and it quickly becomes apparent that Hannah was not the target. Her little brother, James is.

He is kidnapped from the house and we find out a neighbor has taken him. We find out her son died. She believes James is her son. She breaks into a house and attacks the owner.

Beth appears and asks to borrow some sugar, but Judith tries to attack her and she is finally captured.

Perry continues to taunt Beth by showing up at her office. He tells her he is sorry and that when he someone gives him attention he fixates on them. 

Beth gives him details of a therapist to get help.

He then goes after her friend at the bar.

Jack buys everyone coffee and Beth declines. Janice takes a shine to him and befriends him. 

He asks her to go for a drink and she says no because it will lead to something else.

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Don't buy me coffee.


I'll be at my desk. I do have a desk?