We have made it easy for you to watch Stalker online. This CBS procedural drama will scare the pants off of you. If you've ever been afraid of the dark, watch Stalker online with the lights on.

Stalking a Serial Killer - Stalker
Watch Stalker Season 1 Episode 20
"Love Kills "
Original Air Date:

On Stalker Season 1 Episode 20, with their futures in question, the TAU searches for a serial killer through the only link they have to all of the victims on the season finale.

Recent Murders - Stalker
Watch Stalker Season 1 Episode 19
"Love Hurts"
Original Air Date:

When a stalker takes to brutally killing his victims, the team must get to the truth before it's too late for some of the victims on Stalker.

Searching For Beth - Stalker
Watch Stalker Season 1 Episode 18
"The Woods"
Original Air Date:

Beth must face her fears when she finds herself in a cabin in the woods with her psycho ex, Ray, while the team tries to track her down on Stalker.

Closing In - Stalker
Watch Stalker Season 1 Episode 17
"Fun and Games"
Original Air Date:

Ray takes things to a whole new level and puts the people closest to Beth in danger, while a face from Beth's past re appears in her life, on Stalker.

Group Stalking - Stalker
Watch Stalker Season 1 Episode 16
Original Air Date:

A young women is being stalked, but is shocked to find out it's by a group, while Ray and Perry choose their first target in their quest for Beth, on Stalker.

The Crush - Stalker
Watch Stalker Season 1 Episode 15
"Lost and Found"
Original Air Date:

A popular coach finds his life turned upside down when he finds himself the victim of a stalker, while Ray makes his next move on Stalker.

The Lifeguard - Stalker
Watch Stalker Season 1 Episode 14
"My Hero"
Original Air Date:

A lifeguard finds her world torn apart by a crazed stalker who will stop at nothing until her life is ruined, while Jack and Amanda find themselves on common ground, on Stalker.

Anchorman - Stalker
Watch Stalker Season 1 Episode 13
"The News"
Original Air Date:

Beth and Jack must look to the past, in order to find a stalker in the present, while Perry crosses the line in his quest to terrorize Beth, on Stalker.

Stalking the Mayor - Stalker
Watch Stalker Season 1 Episode 12
"Secrets and Lies"
Original Air Date:

Beth must make a tough decision, while the mayor finds himself the victim of a vicious stalker, but it soon becomes apparent that he is hiding secrets on Stalker.

The Memoir - Stalker
Watch Stalker Season 1 Episode 11
"Tell All"
Original Air Date:

A woman is stalked by one of a possible long list of enemies, just as her memoir is about to be released, forcing her to go through her list of enemies, On Stalker.

You want to watch Stalker online. Stalker stars Maggie Q (Lieutenant Beth Davis) Dylan McDermott (Det. Jack Larsen), Mariana Klaveno (Det. Janice Lawrence), Victor Rasuk (Det. Ben Caldwell), Elisabeth Rohm (Amanda Taylor), and many more. The series revolves around the Threat Assessment Unit of the LAPD. No nonsense Beth Davis is the lieutenant. We follow her as she and her team solve stalking cases. Most of them are horrific, from setting victims on fire to victims to shooting brides on their wedding day. The series never fails t grab your attention. The way the show is produced creates a feeling of unease. It really benefits the show, and if you are looking for a story with twists and turns from start to finish, you shouldn't hesitate to watch this online. When you watch Stalker online you will be glued to your seat for the entire hour. The characters are really well developed and relateable. Aside from Jack, who is stalking an ex from seven years ago who he also happens to have a kid to. Maggie is amazing in her role of bad ass Beth. You'll need to hide behind pillow several times throughout. Watch Stalker online now!

Stalker Quotes

Believe me, I know. I've been through this, much worse than this.


Eric, I know how hard it is but we have to follow the law.