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- It's the 10th anniversary of Arrival Day.

- Drake gets initiated into the Trags.

- Teri messes with Roman's dreams.

- Julia and Roman try to figure out how to stop her blue veins from spreading.

- A group of students is invited to the sector to do interviews with Atrians and see how they live.

- Emery and Grayson make a video.

- The Red Hawks sabotage the video.

- Emery finds out the truth about Grayson's family.

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Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I lost half of my tribe. Those who survived were gunned down by your bitch guards. But you don't see me wrapping myself in ribbon like a birthday present now do you?


You've been in school a week and you already have boy problems? School is phenomenal.

Julia [to Emery]