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After being demoted, Burnham visits Book aboard his ship in Discovery's shuttle bay and they make love. She questions her place aboard Discovery and in Starfleet.

She and Tilly talk about the demotion and how Burnham put Tilly in a tough situation by going rogue.

Tilly informs Burnham there was a variance of one one-millionth of a microsecond between the black boxes they've analyzed. The third was still being processed. Tilly says even with three points, they need more data to narrow down the origin of The Burn.

Burnham explains she found something called SB-19 that might help.

The third black box shows a seven one-millionths of a microsecond variance.

Burnham and Saru report to Vance who informs them that SB-19 intel is unavailable to Starfleet because the Vulcan-Romulan planet, Ni'Var left the Federation after The Burn because they felt the Federation forced them to cause it by ordering them to continue with SB-19, a system to transport starships thousands of light years in an instant, after Ni'Var's scientists asked to shut down the program.

Vance explains that Spock worked to bring the Romulans and Vulcans together when he was ambassador and, centuries, after his death, they unified.

Saru hopes to reopen diplomatic relations with Ni'Var and Vance believes that Burnham is the only person, being Spock's sister, who could get them to agree to that.

Both Burnham and Saru are hesitant for Burnham to represent the Federation.

Burnham opens a file on Spock's intent on unification. 

Saru offers Tilly the temporary position of First Officer. She needs time to think about it.

Discovery jumps to Ni'Var. They are greeted by the President, T'Rina. She denies the Federation access to the SB-19 data. Burnham argues that it is for science but the President is adamant. Burnham invokes the t'kal n'ket which forces T'Rina to allow the question of the information's access to be debated.

T'Rina and the quorum of three beam aboard. T'Rina informs Burnham that her advocate, her shalin t'qai or shaset, will be arriving soon. The advocate is a member of the Qowat Milat with a special interest in Burnham.

Her advocate turns out to be Gabrielle Burnham. 

Saru and T'Rina talk and T'Rina hints that Saru's impression of the current Federation may not be accurate. Saru extends an offer of diplomatic friendship.

Burnham confides in her mother that she's not sure of her place on Discovery. Gabrielle informs her that she'll never convince the quorum to give her the data.

T'Rina explains the issues the Federation was facing even before The Burn and Saru points out that the Federation has paid dearly for not honoring the needs of its member planets.

The t'kal n'ket begins. V'Kir moves to dismiss the quorum and discounts her findings. N'Raj wants to share, Shira is on the fence. There is no consensus to dismiss.

Gabrielle pushes Burnham to be honest about her motivations and declares a recess.

Tilly speaks to Stamets about the offer to be First Officer. Stamets is pretty stunned.

In conference, Gabrielle accuses Burnham of not being as truthful as she could be. She counsels that the quorum members are not the only audience in the room. She refuses to vouch for Burnham because she is not being completely forthcoming.

As the debate resumes, Burnham admits that her data is not conclusive. She asks again for Ni'Var's data to assist her investigation. When she asserts that she speaks for the Federation and that the Federation can be trusted, Gabrielle's reminds her of her multiple instances of insubordination and her own misgivings of whether she belongs.

Gabrielle exposes Burnham's emotionality and vulnerability to manipulation to the quorum.

Burnham retaliates by having Gabrielle confirm, in her role as Qowat Milat advocate, the truth of the Federation's mandate to Discovery to save the future.

But when asked why she is uncertain about her belonging, Burnham is stumped.

V'Kir reiterates that sharing the data would destabilize society. Shira reminds him that they makng a decision based on science. N'Raj states that if the Vulcans won't share, the Romulans will which upsets the other representatives of Ni'Var.

Burnham objects to the breaking down of Vulcan-Romulan relations. She invokes Spock's wishes for unification and realizes to preserve his legacy she must withdraw her request from the t'kal n'ket.

Gabrielle visits Burnham in her quarters and gives her the SB-19 data that President T'Rina gave her to pass over. She plans to stay on Ni'Var but reminds Burnham she'll always know where to find her.

Tilly comes to Engineering and finds the senior crew waiting for her to encourage her to take the First Officer position.

Burnham joins them with the SB-19 data.

Saru and President T'Rina agree to continue their conversation.

Burnham shares her plans with Book.

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Tilly: Hey, um, you put me in a really horrible position with Saru and with the Admiral when you went off on your own.
Burnham: It would have been so much worse if I had told you.
Tilly: My choice. Not yours.

Book: So when are we getting out of here?
Burnham: You really hate it.
Book: Hate is a strong word but I"m also living on the shuttle bay of a Federation Staship.