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Kovich: You died. You died and came back to life. Little wonder you’re a mess. Your file is stunningly generic as to your feelings on this rather unique fact of your existence, so allow me to fill in some blanks. ‘Why me?’ It’s the question you ask yourself every morning and every evening. No one else gets a second chance so why me? That led you to the idea that there was a reason for your survival, a purpose you’re meant to fulfill, right here, right now. And that led you to a savior complex because if there is no reason, if there is no purpose, then your very existence is a middle finger to anyone who has ever lost someone. Which is everyone. How’s that for brutal honesty?
Culber: Do you have a recommendation to go along with that sparkling analysis?
Kovich: Whether or not you are a miracle, Dr. Culber, you are only human.

All life is born from chaos and destruction.