The Bridge Crew - Star Trek: Lower Decks
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On K'Tuevon Prime, Boimler, Mariner, Rutherford, and Tendi are thrown into a sinister-looking room, with jagged bars blocking the door and dark lighting.

Boimler, Rutherford, and Tendi panic while Mariner tries to calm them. Suddenly, the floor begins to rise.

They arrive in the center of a large chamber filled with observers and where they can see the bridge crew is suspended in the air by a beam.

Clar addresses those present and announces that the Lower Decks crew are there to testify about the senior officers of the Cerritos.

Mariner is called to testify first. She is asked about Stardate 57818.4 when the Cerritos encountered the Kligate ship, Twerk. She recounts a dispute between her and Boimler over the biggest bad-ass, Roga Danar versus Khan, that was interrupted by Tendi informing them of a red alert.

Because they're late responding to a red alert, Boimler is freaking out. Mariner advises him to chill or they'll all get kicked off the ship.

Freeman is in conflict with the Kligate captain who is insulted by her thanking them for a map of the Neutral Zone.

Freeman asks Boimler for suggestions and his answers are very wrong. When she directs Mariner to "send them a message", Mariner shoots phasers at them which isn't what the captain wanted. The Kligates target the bridge.

Clar interrupts in disbelief that there could be so many misunderstandings on the bridge. He is fixated on the map.

Clar sends Mariner to the Tank of Contempt which is full of eels.

Rutherford is called to testify next but his recall of the events of Stardate 57791.1 is impeded because his implant was rebooting constantly. What he remembers is being recruited by Shaxs and Billups for his Romulan flight manuals and repair information. Then he's pushed out of a Vulcan shuttle to parachute into a museum where he has to distract a guard with a fan dance. He revives in a space suit, standing on a cloaked Bird of Prey. He rescues Billups only to reboot again and wake up at a Gorn wedding where the Gorn start chewing on him.

Clar interrupts again, this time insisting on details on how he stole the Bird of Prey. Rutherford joins Mariner in suspension above the eel tank.

Tendi's turn and she is asked about a mission she went on with Ransom to the Romulan Neutral Zone. She recounts that she was tidying the conference room when she was mistaken for the "cleaner" and swept up in a mission to the Neutral Zone. She gives a redacted account of the mission. Ransom produces the map obtained from the Kligates and marks out the package they are going to retrieve. Using the Bird of Prey Rutherford helped steal, the team enters the Neutral Zone.

When the package is acquired, Tendi is called upon to do her thing which she interprets as fighting the Romulans when she was expected to transport the team out. Back aboard the ship, she returns to cleaning the conference room.

Clar interrupts again, angrily accusing her of making up her story and sends her into the tank with Mariner and Rutherford. While they're struggling in the tank, he asks about the package.

Boimler insists they can't tell him anything he wants to know because they don't know what's going on. 

Clar asserts that the senior crew are always in total control of the situation and Boimler lists some of the many times they mess up. Flashbacks of encounters with Q, Ransom's alien dates, and T'Ana's mistaken boarding of a different California-class starship.

Boimler confronts Clar about the sham trial and Clar is surprised. It's not a trial, it's a thank you party for the senior crew who rescued Clar from the Romulans. 

The Cerritos crew leave the party and return to the ship. Clar is bereft that his party was ruined.

On the ship, the captain commends the Lower Decks crew for their bravery and vows to be more forthcoming with information. However, when pressed on the details of the mission to rescue Clar, she deems it all confidential and dismisses them angrily.

As the Lower Decks crew departs, Q appears. He tries to engage the ensigns in a battle of wits but Mariner tells him to get lost.

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Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Boimler: Creepy stone walls. Jagged metal bars. This has 'alien prison' written all over it!
Rutherford: A prison? Nah, no way, man. This is a dungeon.
Boimler: That's even worse!

Oh god, oh god, oh no! Nonononono... This is bad. This is very bad. I'm not supposed to be here. I've a pottery class at 0900!