Phased - Star Trek: Lower Decks
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The Lower Decks team is exhausted from repairing a station grid. Tendi arrives, excited about her newly updated dog. When she's out of the room, the dog transforms into something else and frightens Boimler and Rutherford.

Freeman, Ransom, and Shaxs are recruited for a covert botanical mission, leaving the Cerritos under the temporary command of a visiting captain.

Rutherford is working on improving the speed of the transporter and Boimler offers to help him test it out. On the second transport, Boimler is left out of phase which Rutherford assures him is just cosmetic.

Mariner is surprised to discover that the substitute captain is her old friend, Amina Ramsey. Ramsey's team seems unimpressed that Mariner is still an ensign.

Boimler arrives and Ramsey sends him to sickbay. In sickbay, Dr. T'Ana runs tests on him without any idea what is wrong with him. Rutherford arrives and manages to stop the phasing noise Boimler was emitting. T'Ana refers his case to Division 14 who are in charge of unsolvable space illnesses and science mysteries. She is also sending Tendi's dog to D14.

Stardate 57752.6 - Ramsey and Mariner hang out in her quarters. Ramsey offers her the position of First Officer and Mariner accepts.

The Osler (NX-75300) arrives to take Boimler and The Dog to The Farm.

Ramsey and Mariner reminisce about their various adventures. Mariner's stories shock Ramsey's team with their irreverence.

Their attempt to repair the water filtration system goes sideways and Mariner forgot the tricorders on the ship. Ramsey manages to salvage the mission.

After Freeman checks in, it is noticed that the ship the Cerritos is meant to rendezvous with is late. Mariner accidentally triggers a red alert when trying to initiate a long-range scan.

On the Osler, Boimler and Tendi meet the other passengers and they are told The Farm doesn't exist.

The Cerritos tracks down the Rubidoux, floating in space, with all systems off-line. Ramsey takes an away team over and Mariner continues to be awkward. Ramsey asks her what's going on.

While Tendi takes The Dog for a walk, Boimler is roped in to plans to mutiny.  He takes the information to the D14 medical officer who plans to put the mutiny down with force.

On the Rubidoux, Mariner and Ramsey start to discuss the issues but stumble across the crew of the Rubidoux hiding from something that has taken over the ship. They tell Ramsey the creature feeds on power and she tries to warn her team but is too late and they restore power which triggers the creature to begin infesting the ship again.

When the Rubidoux's captain starts to panic, Mariner punches her out and directs everyone to the bridge where she believes they can still get a signal to the Cerritos. Ramsey confronts her with the fact she's been faking her incompetence. Mariner points out she doesn't want to rank up.

The Osler passengers chase Boimler to an airlock where his phase effect wears off just before they try to eject him. However, the ship has landed at The Farm and Boimler rolls out onto green grass.

Tendi bids The Dog farewell and swears to help her escape one day. The Dog speaks up, standing on her hind legs, and says that she's fine at The Farm and Tendi shouldn't worry about her. Tendi feels better and says good bye. The Dog flies away into the sky.

As a couple of Farm nurses approach Boimler, one of the Osler passengers reveals that Boimler's already been cured and shouldn't be there at all. He gets thrown on a shuttle with Tendi and they are sent back to the Cerritos.

As the Rubidoux is torn apart by the creature, transporting off seems impossible. Mariner orders Rutherford to use his new program. Everyone is saved but left in phase like Boimler.

The Rubidoux is completely transformed by the creature and flies away.

Boimler returns to the ship and asks Rutherford to mess him up again so he can go back to The Farm.

Mariner and Ramsey settle their conflict. Ransom hits on Ramsey who throws him into a table on reflex.

Star Trek: Lower Decks
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Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Boimler: I'm into it. We get to rub shoulders with the visiting crew, maybe impress another captain...
Mariner: Oh, you're just excited to kiss a whole new butt, aren't you?
Boimler: Well, I wouldn't put it like that but yes. Very.

In Medical, they encourage us to do side-projects so I took a bunch of inert carbon and built myself a fluffy friend from scratch.