Back in the Brig - Star Trek: Lower Decks
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Mariner works out her frustrations with a Cardassian prison break holodeck simulation. She's obviously got issues with how things ended with Boimler as well as ongoing issues with working with her mother. She escapes with her Cardassian hostage aboard the USS MacDuff NCC-1877. Her program is interrupted by Jennifer, an Andorian she doesn't like.

Captain Freeman records some concerns in her log regarding Mariner's side missions. Mariner requests permission to clean up the buildings in the capital city of the planet they're currently finishing second contact duties with, Apergos.

Ransom is put out by the latitude being given Mariner. He is leading the away team. Freeman reminds him that Mariner gets whatever she needs.

In the Lower Decks quarters, they're using Boimler's bunk for storage. Rutherford is eating pears and making a date with Ensign Barnes. Tendi is concerned that he's not the same since getting his brain fried. She proposes that he's got SMD (Synthetic Memory Degradation).

On Apergos, Ransom is losing patience with the Apergosian leader as he selects a communication number. Mariner disregards his order to get more communication pads, leaving it to Stevens.

As she cleans the buildings, she uncovers a device that activates and zaps Ransom.

Dr. T'Ana beams down and diagnoses exposure to strange energies. She references Gary Mitchell from Kirk's Enterprise. Ransom immediately starts manifesting godlike powers.

Freeman checks in on the planet and T'Ana reports Ransom is using uprooted trees to work out biceps and triceps.

Freeman takes a communication from Admiral Freeman which motivates her to order the away team to get things under control.

Tendi runs some tests on Rutherford using shock pads and other forms of torture. He finally quits. Tendi prepares for more extreme methods.

On the planet, Ransom transforms the residents into copies of himself. Mariner advocates force. Freeman argues to calm him down peacefully. They start a dialogue but Ransom (who can read their minds) calls them on their dishonesty.

Ransom detaches his head, inflates it and sends it into orbit to deal with the Cerritos directly.

Tendi attacks Rutherford during his date with Barnes. She chases him down the corridor, trying to get his brain.

Ransom's head attacks the ship while his body assembles gym equipment on the capital city's main plaza.

T'Ana theorizes that they can overload him but it just strengthens him.

Tendi continues to chase Rutherford until he blocks her with a forcefield. She admits he doesn't have SMD.

Ransom's head reveals that both Mariner and Freeman have been faking their partnership and they admit it too. His head bites the Cerritos and tosses it into deeper space.

Tendi reveals that she's worried that Rutherford change in personality will mean the end of their friendship. She tried to solve that with the SMD treatments. He deactivates the force field and reassures her that he'll always be her friend.

Rutherford's head manifests hands and grabs the ship. Freeman powers down weapons and agrees that Ransom was caught between her and Mariner which wasn't fair. Her praise calms him down but when he decides that he should be captain, Freeman backtracks which angers him.

Suddenly his face contorts in pain. The head and hands diminish and fall back towards the planet where Mariner is repeatedly kicking his body in the crotch. The head reattaches and Mariner continuously kicks Ransom while he's down until T'Ana drops a boulder on him which reverses all the things he did with his power.

The Cerritos heads off to its new mission with Ransom recovering in sickbay.

Mariner checks in with Freeman and they agree their partnership isn't working. A security team takes Mariner to the brig.

Tendi and Rutherford visit Mariner in the brig. They've reverted the pears preference to dislike. They discuss how they miss Boimler who they figure is having the time of his life.

Cut to Boimler screaming on the bridge of the Titan as they enter a spatial anomaly to escape attacking alien forces.

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Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

You snuck off in the middle of my shift without saying goodbye! You know who my best friend is now? My mom! It sucks! It's like work.


I used to sneak away and do all sort of little, off-the-books side missions without cluing her in. Now, that's impossible. She's so happy. It's very sweet. But I am losing my mind. I don't know how much longer I can do this.