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Flashback to Starfleet Academy, thirteen years in the past. Joshua Albert is questioning Nick Locarno’s plan for Nova Squadron to attempt the Kolvoord Starburst, a banned maneuver at the commencement ceremonies.

Wesley Crusher is also hesitant. Sito Jaxa is more relaxed, humoring Locarno’s need for spectacle and adulation. As Locarno tries to convince Crusher, a young Mariner comes running up to talk to Sito.

They tell Mariner they’re planning something big for the commencement but don’t give her the details.

In the present day, Mariner asks Nick Locarno if she’s a prisoner.

Nick laughs, framing his abduction of her as a rescue and explaining that she’s the perfect addition to his new Nova fleet, made up of all the stolen vessels from across the different species attacked by the mysterious vessel. Now, she’s aboard his space station, the Nova One.

On the Cerritos, Captain Freeman is video conferencing with Admiral Freeman and Admiral Vassery from the Rom and Leeta adventure.

Admiral Vassery insists that the Federation cannot get involved as Locarno’s allies are from non-Federation planets. He order both Captain and Admiral Freeman to stand down and wait for the diplomacy to work.

Captain Freeman is enraged.

Locarno gives Mariner a tour. He’s excited to have a Starfleet officer join the cause.

Ransom gives Locarno backstory.

Locarno warns that if anyone tries to attack his fleet, he’s acquired a black market Ferengi Genesis Device.

Locarno introduces Mariner and asks her to tell everyone what Starfleet’s like. She takes the opportunity to warn everyone that Locarno’s crazy and his plan will get everyone killed. She steals the Genesis Device and takes off.

Freeman makes a decision to stage a rescue, contrary to Admiral Vassery’s direct orders. She announces this to the crew and offers them the opportunity to avoid a guaranteed court martial by not joining her. Everyone backs her up.

When considering how to get past the Trynar shield, Tendi offers a suggestion.

On the Nova One, Mariner evades capture and activates a Starfleet vessel docked with the Nova One, the U.S.S. Passaro, registration NCC-52670. Using her mother’s command override code, she takes control and flies away.

Tendi takes Captain Freeman to see her sister, D'Erika on Orion. She offers D'Erika the opportunity to embarrass Starfleet by helping them disobey orders. D'Erika turns her down but Tendi demands barter by combat.

Mariner tries to go to warp but encounters the Trynar shield. Pursued by a Ferengi, a Romulan, and a Klingon ship, she rejects Locarno's offer to free her and heads back into the system.

On Orion, Tendi selects Dr. Migleemo to fight for the Cerritos against D'Erika’s champion.

Mariner finds a field of dangerous and unpredictable space debris to hide in.

Encountering the Ferengi ship first, Mariner tries to convince them to abandon Locarno. They attack and she evades them by freezing their ship momentarily.

On Orion, Migleemo isn’t doing well in the battle. Tendi orders him to fluff his down. This causes his opponent’s allergies to trigger. However, she passes out on top of him, winning the battle. This means Freeman must hand over the Cerritos to D'Erika.

Tendi offers herself in place of the Cerritos. She’ll return to the family business if D'Erika lets Freeman keep the Cerritos and lends them an Orion ship to help break through the Trynar shield. D'Erika agrees.

On the Passaro, Mariner realizes she has to detonate the Genesis Device before Locarno can recapture her. The computer identifies Detrion 9 as a lifeless planet. As she heads over, a cloaked Bird of Prey decloaks and follows her.

The Cerritos assesses the destroyed D'Erika gives them and realizes it’s a piece of junk.

Billups has Rutherford and Livik working on getting the ship operable but they disagree on every point of operation. T’Lyn offers a solution and has them work things out as Mark Twains.

The Passaro encounters a Level 7 ion storm. As Mariner changes heading to avoid the storm, the Romulans attack. She tries to talk them out of working with Locarno but Locarno arrives with the rest of Nova Fleet and they surround Mariner.

Seeing no other way, Mariner flies into the storm. This triggers Locarno who tries to order the others to pursue but they take umbrage at his tone. He flies in after her on his own.

Inside the storm, Mariner and Locarno debate his motivations for trying to dismantle the system.

The Ferengi contact Locarno to warn him about the incoming Orion ship.

On the Cerritos, Boimler sits as acting captain while Freeman relays orders from the Orion ship. Admiral Vassery contacts them and orders them to turn the ship around. Boimler says he will as soon as he’s rescued Mariner.

The Cerritos is dragging the Orion ship at full impulse speed and then lets it fly at the Trynar shield at the last minute, punching a hole in the barrier.

Freeman flies in through the hole made by the Orion ship in the captain’s yacht.

With the shield breached, Locarno’s fleet abandons him. His sensors detect the Passaro and he fires on it.

Mariner realizes Locarno’s arrival is imminent and activates the Genesis Device and it begins a five minute countdown. Locarno beams aboard.

They fight and Mariner blocks the Genesis Device from Locarno who threatens to shoot her. She’s beamed away by Freeman’s yacht just as he fires.

Freeman prepares to escape. Mariner insists they try to save Locarno. Locarno’s put the shields up and refuses to listen to Mariner’s pleas. Freeman gives the order and they fly away.

At the last moment, Locarno manages to enter the deactivation code but the Ferengi require payment to deactivate and the Genesis Device detonates, sucking in all space matter within range and birthing a new planet.

In her debrief with Vassery, Freeman is told there will be no repercussions for her actions as Command is happy to have diplomatic relations open with the Orions.

The new planet that has formed has been named as Locarno. Starfleet plans to use it for refugees.

The team welcomes Mariner back. She believes she may stop self-sabotaging now. They go to get some drinks. T’Lyn turns down a call from his former captain. She plans to stay on the Cerritos for a while longer. Freeman approaches the table to tell Tendi that her sister has sent a ship to fetch her back to Orion immediately.

The team bids farewell to Tendi. Rutherford is tearful and the others try to cheer him up unsuccessfully.

On the Orion ship, Tendi watches the Cerritos disappear and steels herself to become the Mistress of the Winter Constellations again.

Star Trek: Lower Decks
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Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Mariner: Nice ship. Very… white. And nothing else.
Locarno: Thanks. I designed it myself. None of the Starfleet carpets or wood paneling in here.

Freeman: If we move fast, we can still track his warp trajectory.
Vassery: Unfortunately, there is no moving fast in a situation like this.
Admiral Freeman: What situation?
Vassery: Locarno has coordinated mutinies on ships from over a dozen non-Federation planets. If we did something that injured a Klingon or a Romulan…
Admiral Freeman: They turned their backs on their worlds when they moved against their captain!
Vassery: In bloodless coups. We can’t be the first to open fire.