Mariner: Oh boy, someone’s got captain fever.
Boimler: Oh, do I sound captain-y to you? Because Ransom was very happy with my captaining.
Mariner: I like how this has, in no way, gone to your head.

Hey, easy. I didn’t just survive a Genesis explosion just so I could get hugged to death.


Locarno: I could’ve been the best pilot in Starfleet.
Mariner: Don’t let that anger define your life. You stunned all those crews. You didn’t kill them because deep down you’re not a murderer.
Locarno: I’m sorry but I really am. My perfect life was taken from me and now, I’m getting it back.

Locarno: I graduated top of my class. Do you think I don’t know how to disarm a bomb?
Mariner: First off, you didn’t graduate. And second, that thing is too dangerous for anyone.

Locarno: I thought you were smarter than everyone else. Sounds like you’re just another apologist for a broken system.
Mariner: Hey, Starfleet’s not perfect. They mess up all the time. But in the end, they’re trying to do what’s right.

Locarno: Look, why don’t you just dock at the station? If you really don’t want to join me, I’ll send you on your way.
Mariner: And let you get your hands on a planetary murder machine? Uh, no thanks.

Tendi: We need a ship with enough firepower to punch a hole. We’d just be borrowing it, really. We’ll give it right back.
D’Erika: Um. It’s a warship. Not a used copy of Sword and Scabbard.

Locarno: Beckett! You just made us look like a joke in front of the quadrant!
Mariner: Kind of my entire plan!

Locarno: Beckett? Care to tell them what Starfleet’s really like?
Mariner: Oh, hey… Whatup, everyone? I have an important message for all you lower deckers out there. THIS GUY SUCKS! HE’S AN IDIOT AND HIS PLAN IS STUPID! HE’S GOING TO GET YOU ALL KILLED BECAUSE HE ONLY CARES ABOUT HIMSELF!

Tendi: Sheesh, why is he so mad?
Ransom: Locarno was kicked out of Starfleet. He got one of his squad killed performing a banned flight maneuver, then tried to cover it up.
T’Lyn: Clearly, his emotional behavior conflicts with his culpability.
T’Ana: Yeah, he’s an a**hole.

Rutherford: They have, like, the same face! They’re identical!
Boimler: No, I just don’t see it.

Locarno: You may have been told scary stories of ships being destroyed these past few months, but that was a lie! They weren’t destroyed, they were liberated! They’re part of the first totally independent, unaligned fleet in the Alpha Quadrant.
Boimler: Um. The Maquis would like a word.

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Mariner: Nice ship. Very… white. And nothing else.
Locarno: Thanks. I designed it myself. None of the Starfleet carpets or wood paneling in here.

Freeman: If we move fast, we can still track his warp trajectory.
Vassery: Unfortunately, there is no moving fast in a situation like this.
Admiral Freeman: What situation?
Vassery: Locarno has coordinated mutinies on ships from over a dozen non-Federation planets. If we did something that injured a Klingon or a Romulan…
Admiral Freeman: They turned their backs on their worlds when they moved against their captain!
Vassery: In bloodless coups. We can’t be the first to open fire.