Arrivals - Star Trek: Picard
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La Sirena arrives at Soji's homeworld, Coppelius, via the Borg transwarp conduit and are immediately attacked by the Romulan Snakehead that followed them. Suddenly, the newly repaired Artifact emerges from the conduit.

Five objects approach from the planet, unfurl like flowers, engulf the ships, and shut down all power, causing them to crash land on the planet.

In the turbulence, Picard loses consciousness.

When he regains consciousness, Dr. Jurati has examined him and discovered the brain anomaly. Picard then goes to the crew and discloses his terminal condition.

Leaving La Sirena, they spot The Artifact's crash location and decide to check there first.

An exB identifies Picard as Locutus and Elnor greets them enthusiastically. Seven helps them get long-range scanners online. Raffi and Rios discover there are 218 Romulan Warbirds en route.

Elnor doesn't want to leave Picard's side because Jurati told him that Picard is dying. However, Picard feels Elnor's presence is needed by the exBs more.

The team arrives at Coppelius Station and are greeted by other synths. Soji is welcomed back by a synth named Arcana. Arcana recognizes Picard and inspects him closely.

Soji informs them of the Romulans coming to destroy them.

They are joined by Dr. Alton Inigo Soong, the biological son of Noonian Soong. Picard is led away for some rest while Soji debriefs Soong et al about the Romulan threat.

Picard is approached by another synth who looks like Dahj and Soji. She is Jana's sister, Sutra.

Sutra asks Dr. Jurati about the Admonition. Using a mind meld, Sutra experiences the Admonition and interprets it differently than organic minds have.

Dr. Jurati and Dr. Soong discuss Bruce. Soong reveals that he's built a golem, looking to try a mind transfer.

Soji and Sutra discuss a plan. Sutra doesn't want to run and Soji doesn't want to kill people.

Narek is brought into the settlement and imprisoned.

Jurati and Rios talk and share a tender moment.

Raffi is setting off back to La Sirena and expresses her affection to Picard who reciprocates. Rios and Raffi head off.

Picard tries to contact Starfleet Command with no luck. 

In his cell, Narek tries to convince his guard to let him have a drink. Soji stops her from opening the cell. Narek tries to talk to Soji but she shuts him down and walks away.

Soji finds Picard and they have a talk about moral choices regarding sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Sutra finds Narek and sets him free to enact her plan.

A scream is heard and Soji finds Dr. Soong cradling a dead Saga.

Sutra addresses her people and tells them that there is time to summon an alliance of synthetic life forms to save them from the organics. She identifies Picard and the Federation as as much a threat as the Romulans.

Picard tries to convince them to trust in him but Dr. Soong undercuts his promises and Sutra orders him to be imprisoned.

Dr. Jurati manages to stay out of house arrest, claiming she can be an aid to Dr. Soong's work.

On a Romulan Warbird, Commodore Oh asks for the fleet's status and the report is that they will arrive in twenty-four hours.

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Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Picard: We just came twenty-five lightyears in fifteen minutes.
Dr. Jurati: I noticed a little turbulence.

Nice work, honey, you got us here really damn fast. And I'm never going to do that ever again.