Final Contemplation - Star Trek: Picard
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Narek enters The Artifact stealthily, sneaks past Elnor and Seven and runs into Narissa. He takes grenades and leaves without her, instructing her to get the weapons online. Elnor follows. He finds La Sirena where Rios and Raffi have repaired the ship with Saga's tool and makes a plan with them. Elnor arrives and reluctantly helps.

Soji visits Picard in captivity. He tries to dissuade her from summoning the synth alliance who will destroy all organic life.

Soong and Jurati discuss how to download a consciousness into a synthetic being. Jurati plans to betray him and rescue Picard. She distracts him with some encrypted files, steals Saga's eyeball, and uses it to access Picard's quarters. They escape the station and head back to La Sirena.

Narek tells Raffi and Rios about the Romulan myth of end days.

The Romulan fleet approaches.

Narek, Rios, Raffi, and Elnor re-enter Coppelius Station under the story that they've captured Narek. They bring the molecular solvant in a soccer ball to destroy the beacon.

Soong discovers that Sutra helped Narek kill Saga. He intercepts the team trying to get to the beacon.

On La Sirena, Picard and Jurati discover the Romulans are seven minutes away. Picard wants to demonstrate to the synths of Coppelius what life is for. He figures out how to fly La Sirena and flies out to meet the Romulans. 

Sutra is presiding over the beacon. Soong pulls her aside to talk to her, confronting her with the truth of Saga's death. He deactivates her and signals Raffi it's time to attack. Rios hesitates to throw the grenade because Soji's in the way. When he does activate it, she catches it and then throws it high into the sky where it detonates harmlessly.

On The Artifact, Narissa is trying to target La Sirena but Seven interrupts and they fight. Seven eventually wins and throws her over the edge of the landing in retaliation for Hugh.

When the Romulan fleet arrives, Oh orders that the enter planet be "sterilized" but the orchids interrupt the action.

On La Sirena, Jurati remembers The Picard Maneuver and, using Saga's tool, they are able to simulate a fleet of La Sirenas to distract and delay the Romulans. Picard contacts Soji and offers his life in exchange for her powering down the beacon.

In the ensuing barrage, La Sirena takes a hit and it takes Picard effort to regain control of the ship.

Meanwhile, Soji completes the beacon and activates it. Just as the Romulans are prepared to attack the planet, Starfleet arrives, led by Riker and they claim the planet as under Federation protection.

Oh prepares to fight the fleet. Jurati looks to Picard for instructions but he is suffering from the neural anomaly. He orders her to give him a painkiller to help him through it so he can talk to Soji one last time.

Just as the synthetic life from the other dimension begin to enter this one, Soji shuts down the beacon and they are force to retreat. With the beacon destroyed, the Romulans stand down.

Riker's fleet follows the Romulans out of Federation space.

On La Sirena, Picard collapses. He is beamed down to Coppelius and dies in Raffi's arms.

In mourning, Seven and Rios share a drink and compare regrets, Raffi and Elnor cry together.

Picard awakens in a seat by a fireplace. Thinking he dreamed everything, he is refuted when Data addresses him. They talk in the quantum simulation Data has been living in ever since Bruce Maddox extracted his memories and Alton Soong reconstructed his consciousness. Picard is finally able to express his love for Data. Data asks that when he leaves, he end Data's consciousness in the simulation.

Picard awakens in the real world, his consciousness now transferred to the synthetic golem body Alton Soong had planned to make his own. Once he's adjusted to his new body, he keeps his promise to Data. As he eulogizes Data and removes the cartridges containing his consciousness from the simulater, Data is seen lying down, aging, and passing away, attended to by his captain.

Back on board La Sirena, Picard embarks on new adventures with Rios, Raffi, Elnor, Seven, Jurati, and Soji.

Star Trek: Picard
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Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Soji: You choose if we live. You choose if we die. You choose. We have no choice. You organics have never given us one.
Picard: To say you have no choice is a failure of imagination.

Narissa: Have you found them?
Narek: Yes, they're all here.
Narissa: Have you fucked any of them?
Narek: Hm, not yet.
Narissa: Killed any?
Narek: One.
Narissa: Well, I call that progress.