The Quiet Life - Star Trek: Picard
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Picard dreams of playing poker with Data on board the Enterprise and wakes suddenly when they arrive on Mars and it explodes.

He lives at the Chateau Picard with a dog called Number One and a Romulan couple, Zhaban and Laris.

In Greater Boston, Dahj and her boyfriend are celebrating her acceptance to the Daystrom Research Institute when they are attacked by armored, masked military types. The boyfriend is killed and Dahj is black-bagged, the attackers demanding to know where she's from and where the rest of "them" are. She suddenly manifests killer skills and eliminates the attackers.

Rushing to her dead boyfriend's side, Dahj breaks down in tears and suddenly sees Picard in her mind's eye.

At the Chateau Picard, Picard and Number One return for a walk and Laris reminds him it's an important day and he heads inside to prepare for an interview with the Federation News Network.

Despite the interviewer agreeing not to ask about Picard's departure from Starfleet, the interview does not focus on the anniversary of the Romulan Supernova as had been the plan and Picard ends the interview after answering the interviewer's out-of-bounds questions.

The interview is aired everywhere and Dahj sees it, walking the streets of Boston. She recognizes Picard and immediately goes to France to find him.

She tells him about the attack and her sense that she would be safe with him. Laris and Zhaban make her comfortable and she sits down with Picard. He notices her necklace and she takes it off so he can look at it, telling him that it was a gift from her father. She explains that she has a sense of knowing him that is deeper and older than should be possible.

Picard dreams of Data again, this time painting in the vineyard. The painting is only partially done and Data offers the brush to Picard to finish it. When Picard awakens, he realizes that the painting was the one Data gave him but in his version, the woman's face is hidden.

Laris comes in to tell him that Dahj has disappeared.

Picard goes to the Starfleet Archives to look at the other Data painting where the woman's face can be seen and she looks like Dahj. The Index informs him that the painting is titled,"Daughter."

In Paris, Dahj contacts her mother who somehow knows that she's been to see Picard without Dahj telling her. Her mother encourages her to find Picard and go to him. Dahj is able to track him to the Starfleet Archives.

When they meet up, she tells him she's able to track and hack Starfleet's systems now and can hear conversations a block away.

Picard shares with her his theory that she's a synthetic human, like Data but physically made of flesh and blood.

Her attackers return and she and Picard try to escape. One attacker's helmet comes off and Picard sees that he's Romulan. Another spits some sort of acid on Dahj and she melts just as the blaster she's holding explodes, killing her and her attackers, and knocking Picard unconscious.

Picard is back at Chateau Picard when he wakes up and he tells Laris and Zhaban about Dahj's death. He is determined to solve the mystery of who killed her. 

He goes to the Daystrom Institute and meets with Dr. Agnes Jurati and asks her about synthetic humans made of flesh and blood. She says it's impossible now that they are banned. The person who would know best is Bruce Maddox but he disappeared when the ban came into being.

Picard shows Jurati Dahj's necklace and she suddenly believes that Maddox must have succeeded in creating a perfect synthetic human using fractal neuronic cloning. She reveals to Picard that they are always made in pairs so Dahj must have a twin somewhere.

At a Romulan Reclamation Site, a Romulan vessel enters a cargo bay. Narek emerges and seeks out Dr. Soji Asher, a scientist who looks identical to Dahj who also wears a necklace like Dahj's. They make a personal connection and the camera pans back, revealing that the Reclamation Site is, in fact, a Borg Cube.

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Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Data: Why are you stalling, Captain?
Picard: I don't want the game to end.

Dahj: Have you ever... been a stranger to yourself?
Picard: Many, many times