Desperate Progeny - Star Trek: Prodigy
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Janeway informs The Diviner the Protocore is not on-board the ship. He demands Gwyn tell him where it is. She tells him to leave the others alone. He turns her weapon back on her and cuffs her with it.

Janeway takes Gwyn to the brig.

The Diviner sets a course to return to Tars Lamora.

On Tars Lamora, the crew rounds up the Unwanted and tell them to get onboard the Rev-12.

Rok, Murf, and Pog head to the Rev-12's engine to repair it. They discover the Watcher drones have reactivated.

Rok comes up with a plan to use the Protostar Murf ingested to solve the engine issue.

Zero approaches the Caitian child but a Watcher opens fire and hits them, knocking their limbs off. Dal realizes he can use the manacles to get the Unwanted evacuated.

The Watchers break into the engine room but Pog keeps them off until Rok can activate the Rev-12's engine, reinstating the asteroid's gravity and atmospheric shields.

As Dal tries to tie his combadge into the Caitian's manacle, Zero notices the return of the Protostar ship.

Drednok beams into the engine room where Rok and Pog try to fight him off so Murf can escape. Suddenly, the Unwanted break in to support the fight, united in their ability to communicate.

The Caitian beheads Drednok. As they're celebrating, Murf comes out, sounding sad. The Protocore's been transported out of him.

The Diviner's preparing the Protostar to use the Protodrive.

Dal and the Unwanted prepare the Rev-12 to rescue Gwyn.

On the Protostar, The Diviner finds Gwyn on the bridge with Janeway. Janeway reveals she's been faking evil the whole time.

Janeway fights off The Diviner as Gwyn tries to lower the ship's shields.

The Diviner pleads with Gwyn to stop so they can fulfill their mission and save their people. He tells her that he was sent back in time to save their world and their people. Gwyn freezes Janeway so she can get the full story.

Dal orders the Rev-12 to target the Protostar's shield emitters so they can beam aboard.

The Diviner takes Gwyn to the holodeck and shows her their homeworld as it is at that moment and then what it looks like fifty years after first contact with Starfleet.

He claims the Federation's arrival causes a civil war that splinters their society. He wants to wipe out Starfleet to prevent first contact.

Dal beams over.

The Diviner tells Gwyn he programmed the Protostar to infect any Starfleet vessels it comes in contact with, causing them to turn against each other until they've destroyed each other and any interplanetary alliance that exists.

Gwyn realizes the Protostar can never rejoin Starfleet.

The computer informs The Diviner that the Srotodrive is ready. Dal makes his entrance and The Diviner immediately restrains him. Gwyn tries to attack but is quickly neutralized.

Zero appears to defend Dal and Gwyn. He exposes himself in his true form. Dal tries to keep Gwyn from seeing but she catches a reflection in Dal's combadge.

Zero returns to his containment suit and The Diviner is incapacitated but Gwyn is lost, muttering "We can't go" over and over.

Janeway narrates an epilogue, detailing how the crew of the Protostar has turned the Rev-12 into a vehicle of liberation. The Diviner is left on Tars Lamora

Gwyn recovers physically but lost her memories of her encounter with her father.

With Gwyn back on the bridge, Dal sets a course for Starfleet which startles her but she agrees that's where they should go.

The ship's protowarp signature is detected by a Starfleet ship. It is reported to Admiral Janeway aboard the USS Dauntless. She sets a course and plans on rescuing Chakotay.


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Yeah, we now have a voice! Good for us! Bad for you!


We have a star to catch.

The Diviner