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Yolanda continues to struggle with her guilt over killing Brainwave, seeing Brainwave and Henry everywhere she goes.

She tries to move on with her life, but at every turn, she's reminded of her past.

Courtney convinces Yolanda to tell Rick and Beth the truth about her role in Brainwave's death, and while Rick understands, Beth isn't sure.

Yolanda also fears she'll have to be the one to kill Eclipso when the JSA finally track him down.

Yolanda blames Courtney for recruiting her and setting all of this in motion and quits the JSA.

Courtney tries to get in touch with Yolanda, but her friend just wants to be left alone.

Mike starts JSA training and is frustrated at doing menial work. 

He sees the shards of the Black Diamond and starts to play with them, but the pieces make him believe he has leeches all over his body.

Pat reminds Mike how dangerous the Black Diamond is but wants to find a way to use it to stop Eclipso.

Barbara believes she saw the Shade at the American Dream but can't be sure.

Courtney and Cameron decorate Blue Valley for the Fourth of July.



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