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Someone is sending photos of national monuments with the Ar Rissalah symbol on them, and some dude makes it the entire way into the oval office to graffiti it. Huh?!

Omar Fatah is a CIA asset and Charleston wasn't supposed to tell the Prez, but she still feels utterly betrayed. Things don't look good between the ladies.

Navaro asks the men to look into the AR photos, but they really want Charlie. Navaro lets them in on the news she's not acting in her same capacity anymore.

Nick gets out. He's in Yemen.

Lucas and friends go to the classroom of Amad Ahmadi who claims to be being detained against his will.

Charlie gets pretty much nothing to work with in Yemen. They're treating her like a bottom rung agent. Does she have to buy her own pencils, too? Hey, look! Nick arrives. He uses his sarcasm to appeal to the fact they're on their own. Whoever sent her there knew they'd find their way. He wants champagne, but oh yeah, it's Yemen. If they end up on YouTube with knives to their throats, nobody is coming to them.

Maureen isn't really digging her new role as briefer. 

Charlie and Nick have so much fun on the road leaving Yemen. They get stopped at the border and lose their booze. Good news, Nick has the good stuff in the wheel wells!

Professor Ahmadi is not liking his interrogation, but while Lavon Hayes (on rental from Hart of Dixie) is questioning him, James Wilcox kills himself. Uh oh.

Nick and Charlie know people are watching and wait for Fatah to arrive. Instead Yemen secret police pop in for a bite. Charlie somehow gets a couple of Yemen women to help her hide and gets to the car in time.

Dale Scott tells Lucas the Professor is clean. I still don't buy it, but Lucas had a good time slapping him around none the less.

The call center found Al Moosari and Maureen calls it in. As Payton sets up a thing to take out Al Moosari, Charlie calls in and asks to call it off. She has a meet set up with Fatah and if Al Moosari is taken out it will be on Charlie's back. That won't work. They stand down.

Charlie and Nick discover an ad in the paper that says "Send Vera." He's going to go, but not before having a night of sexy time with Charlie.

Kurt drops Maureen home and Lucas shows up at her place. Perhaps drunk. His hair is all mussed up. She lets him in.

Senator Green goes to see Constance and they argue. She wants to know if it's the national interest she's serving, or her own -- revenge for the death of Kyle.  

Al Moosari meets with Nick. Al Moosari shares good times over being a fellow American before punching Nick in the face and putting a bag over his head again.


State of Affairs
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State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You broke my heart, Charleston, don't break your promise. Now get the hell off my plane.


You created the man who killed Aaron, you ran him for three years and never even thought to tell me that. You were nearly my daughter in law. You cannot begin to fathom the depth of betrayal I feel from you.