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100 miles below the Bering Sea, a Russian submarine is in need of help. We see a man kill two others on the sub and lock himself in a room within the submarine. 

Meanwhile, Charlie is having dinner with Constance Payton and her husband. As they pray before dinner, they discuss Aaron's death and what their biggest wishes are. Constance's husband, says he wants to know more, but Constance tells him it is a matter of security. Charlie says she will find out and will bring the people responsible for his death to justice. 

As Charlie is driving home, she is text messaging on her phone and a photo pops up from the mystery man/woman who has been texting her. It is a photo that shows her with Nick and Fatah. 

We are taken back to the submarine where the man locked in the room tries to make contact with the CIA. He is a CIA asset, who has been running operations for years. 

He informs the CIA that the Russians have obtained information through optics that could potentially pose a major threat to national security. 

Charlie brings this information to the President. 

The President is in the middle of finalizing her plans to announce the new CIA Director, as Skinner was fired. 

The President has chosen, Raymond Navaro, a man from the other political party to fill the void. Turns out he and Lucas Newsome go way back, and we learn that Newsome was brought in specifically to work with Navaro from the start. Skinner's firing was planned for a while. 

The President asks to meet with Charlie for a brief moment and tells her that despite Charlie's efforts to rescue the asset, it cannot happen.  The Russians are close enough to recovering the submarine and obtaining the information on the submarine. 

Charlie asks Nightfall to sink the submarine, becoming a martyr for the cause. He asks Charlie if she can get a message to his daughter Sabina, where he tells her how much he loved her, and no matter what people say about him after his death, she was the only good thing in his life. After he finishes up, he breaks out of the room, killing many of the members on the submarine, pulling the lever to sink the submarine as he is fatally shot. 

Charlie asks Sid to look into the text messages she is receiving, but even he cannot figure anything out, saying the person sending the messages has a lot of resources. Sid tells her not to trust Nick, that he is a liar and manipulator. 

As the episode wraps up, Charlie is drinking at a bar with a co-worker and tells her that she lied to Nightfall. She didn't remember him, she just said what she needed to say to make him follow through. The friend said, at least he died a hero, but Charlie quips back that he died a spy. 

Outside the bar, we see Nick in his car watching Charlie through the window. 

State of Affairs
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State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

This is a five alarm. There's a photo. A photo no one else should have.


I guess I hope to not lose that feeling that he's near me. That he's still here. It's comforting. So, I guess that's my wish.