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We flashback to one year ago, in Kabul Afghanistan, where Charleston (Charlie) Tucker, her fiance and  the President of the United States are all victims of a terrorist attack. The attack takes the life of Charlie's fiance, Aaron Payton, the son of President Constance Payton.

Fast forward to the present day and Charlie is in her therapist's office. We learn that Charlie is coping with the trauma of the attack with alcohol, sex with random men and more alcohol. Charlie's therapist is worried about the way she is handling the attack, but Charlie doesn't have time to deal with it. 

Charlie kicks out another one night stand at 1:30am, so she can get to work by 2am. As Charlie walks into the CIA to begin her day, she meets Lucas Newsome, the newest member of her team on the elevator. 

Once they are off the elevator, the next six hours are devoted to sifting through terrorist threats to present President Constance Payton with the daily briefing, and "the book", the top ten threats of the day. 

As they narrow down the top ten, the biggest threat appears to be the capture and potential execution of Dr. Benjamin Butler, an American overseas, who looks a lot like Aaron Payton. 

Also coming up on their radar is word that the military is close to capturing Omar Abdul Fatah, the man responsible for Aaron's death. While his capture isnt certain, military official Jack Dawkins thinks they can get him. Charlie tells him to call her back when he is 80% sure. 

Meanwhile, Charlie begins to receive anonymous text messages insinuating that Charlie is hiding something about the day her fiance was killed. 

As Charlie prepares to meet the President for the daily briefing, she gets word that the military is 80% sure, but she makes them focus their efforts on Butler's resuce.  She decides to leave off the news about Fatah, for fear it will result in the death of Dr. Butler, and they won't be able to capture all of Fatah's men. 

Charlie and POTUS share pleasantries before jumping into the briefing, where we also meet the Chief of Staff, who backs Charlie up on her thoughts. 

Charlie's decision to not tell POTUS about Fatah prompts her boss to suspend her from the CIA which leads to an action packed sequence where Charlie's staff helps her get the Butler file. She ends up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and defends her decision to POTUS.

POTUS decides to trust Charlie's instincts and the staff watches on as Dr. Butler is rescued. 

The year anniversary remembrance for Aaron is upon us, and Constance says a few words beside his grave in Arlington. After the ceremony, Charlie and Constance discuss what's next for Fatah. 

Charlie promises that she is out to get anyone who was a part of Aaron's death and the President replies that his death will make killers out of the both of them. 

The episode wraps up in Charlie's apartment, where Nick, a former co-worker of Charlie's, and another person who was there the day of the attack, was waiting. Their reunion isn't friendly, and leads to the discovery that the two of them are indeed keeping a secret, and know something about Fatah that they are not letting on. 

State of Affairs
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State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Good doesn't have to come. I do.


He was killed in a terrorist attack. That's what happened, and I made it out. And, now I have to deal with it. I have to deal with it everyday from now on and it sucks.