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After experiencing some tense and traumatic events, the firefighters end up getting a visit from a psychologist named Dr. Diane Lewis.

Jack talks with Diane about his confusion over why he slept with Eva, even after learning she was Rigo's wife.

Andy discusses her relationship with Sullivan and her lack of guilt over them being together.

Travis brings up his disappointment with Emmett not being honest with his father and is hesitant to accept Diane's compliments that he's brave for being an openly gay firefighter.

Ben talks about his guilt over Bailey's miscarriage and how he feels like it's his fault. He also wonders if god is punishing him somehow.

Dean speaks about how he's a disappointment to his parents and tells Vic they cut him off and refuse to meet his daughter.

Vic seeks vindication for not feeling guilty for moving on quickly after Ripley died and tells Dean she gave her relationship with Jackson her all.

Diane then tells Dean not to wait too long before telling Vic he loves her.

Maya reveals she's jealous of the peace Rigo experiences, and Diane lets her know she can take some time for herself in this life for rest, sleep, and love.

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

It was the worse call ‘cuz she was all alone. She was just all alone in that crappy little apartment. And somehow, through the whiskey and the loneliness, she got herself up off the couch and she got herself a tree. And she decorated it with whatever she could find. But she was all alone. She didn’t have any family photos or anyone to call; just that tree. And her tree burned down.


Sullivan: Team, this is Dr. Diane Lewis. She’s a psychologist and a trauma specialist.
Dean: Dr. Lewis, is it legal for our employers to hold us hostage in the gym and force us to talk about our feelings?
Vic: No, we don’t use the f-word here when we’re at work.
Sullivan: Miller, Hughes don’t push it.
Travis: And if it is legal, is it psychologically sound?