Maya: I want my job back.
Ross: Bishop.
Maya: I know you two are sleeping together, I want my job back or I'm going to report you.

Pru: Don't be sad, Auntie Vic.
Vic: Oh, baby girl, I'm sad and I'm happy. I really wish your dad was here.

Jack: You found her?
Andy: Power of the internet.
Jack: The power of Herrera.

I knew it right away when I saw her. I'm going to sleep with this woman.


Beckett: I'm going to get sober. I'm going to need help. I might need rehab.
Sullivan: Okay.
Beckett: You still can't have my job.

Maya: Are you here for Pru's party?
Ross: Mmmhmm.
Maya: You hardly know Warren.

I'm going to run for mayor, of Seattle.


Boys only become violent men when they're taught that there are no consequences for their actions.


We reported it to the Dean, and he said that he didn't want to throw away a young man's future on the account of a drunk college girl.


Congratulations, you have a green card. You remind me of me and my wife. The bickering is endless.


You know, I would say unofficially, it was sexism. Possibly homophobia. The chief was threatened by me, and then the new chief, the female chief, had the chance to correct the mistake, but she declined because she's doing it just like the boys club, which is not progress at all. It's just the same thing. Instead, I'm stuck watching an incompetent drunk and a backstabbing drug addict have a pissing contest over a job that's rightfully mine while I just wipe up their urine so that nobody else slips and falls.


I ain't trying to be a hero. You guys are the heroes. The world needs more people like you than like me. Let me do this.


Station 19 Quotes

Maya: Oh my god, I forgot we were writing our own vows. Oh my god, I got so excited about it. I’m so sorry.
Carina: No, no, no, this is perfect. It’s OK. Listen to yourself. Queen of the clipboard Maya Bishop was so excited about something that she forgot. I love that.
Maya: I love you, and I choose you forever.
Carina: I don’t need to say anything else. We’re good.

Maya: I’m the truck.
Carina: I’m sorry. I’m not very good at American idioms.
Maya: I’m the truck. I’m the truck that drunkenly plowed into Station 19 and destroyed an entire family.
Carina: Hey, hey.
Maya: I’m the truck.