I was wrong. I want to love you back. We can work everything else out, but you have to stay alive for us to do that.


Of all the boys Emmett brought home, you were always my favorite. But then Emmett doesn't bring boys home anymore since he moved to Europe.


Ben: Are you sure?
Bailey: It's family back there. Look, you have one good arm, and I have two.

It is my honor to present this Medal of Valor to my light, my love, my all -- firefighter Benjamin Warren.


Vic: What is this? Is this a breakup?
Theo: Do you want it to be a breakup?
Vic: I don't know, but what I do know is that I am so over this.
Theo: Fine.

I am standing here telling you that I love you, and I am asking you to love me back.


It was never going to be me. You and her have a thing.


Andy: You owe me. You seduced me, and then you lead me on.
Eli: No, I believe it was you who led me on, and your friend seduced me.

Carina: You turned down your opportunity to become captain.
Maya: Yeah.
Carina: And I'm coming home, bambina.
Maya: For good?
Carina: For better or worse. For richer for poorer.

Beckett: I said I didn't want to talk, didn't I? I mean, if I wanted to feel pain, I could just go back to rehab. I had a plan. I felt better, I felt relief. Why are you still here?!
Vic: I'm not leaving, Sean.

Beckett: This is the part where I'm supposed to feel better?
Vic: Eventually, I mean, you just gotta sit in that pain you buried.
Beckett: No, I don't want to, I don't want sit in this pain, I don't want to feel this, Hughes.

Carina: There's nothing she wants more than her captaincy back.
Warren: You're wrong. There's something she wants more.

Station 19 Quotes

Diane: Who taught you eyes forward?
Maya: My father.
Diane: Have you considered the possibility that he was wrong? Maya isn’t it possible, with everything else you’ve accomplished, that you could learn to let yourself rest and sleep and love in this life instead of waiting for death to set you free?

Congratulations, Mr. Montgomery, you're the next mayor of Seattle.