Vic: They're based in Washington, DC, so I may have to move across the country. That's the first time I'm saying that out loud, wow.
Theo: So what does that mean for us?
Vic: Us?
Theo: The other night...

We try to do the best for our sons, and sometimes we make mistakes. Your boy is going to be fine.


Why did you divorce Robert?


Carina, Liam's social worker called. She found his bio dad.


Jinny: He has never met your Korean family.
Natasha: You mean the family who hasn't called me in a decade?

Natasha: So why are you here?
Jinny: I'm here to stop you from marrying Robert and making the biggest mistake.

You and your wife took in a baby, that's good, I get that, it's necessary. But you want to create another human being when the world is overpopulated...


Jinny: Hi, Laverne?
Natasha: Shirley. Um...
Jinny: No hugs for your big sister?

Vic: Why are you smiling?
Theo: It's just nice to have you back, Hughes?

Bishop, for what it's worth, you're already a great mother.


Maya: I found my, uh, my brother. He's so hateful! And I thought, I thought a little piece of him was still left, but, he's gone. Oh my God, I cut him off. How could I do that?
Beckett: Maya...
Maya: I'm a horrible person!
Beckett: Maya, you did what you needed to do.
Maya: Why does it feel like somebody died or something?
Beckett: That's actually apparently a real thing. It's called ambiguous loss. It hurts like hell, but you had to make a choice, and it was either him or you.

Maya: Stupid idiot. I ruined it. I ruined everything. I ruined the window!
Beckett: May I help you? I used to help my ex-wife with hers.

Station 19 Quotes

This is going to get worse.


Maya: At least I won't be transferring to 23 anymore.
Dean: You won't?
Maya: Instead I'll be going to jail for harboring a fugitive.