A Shooting - Stitchers
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On Stitchers Season 1 Episode 10, Detective Fisher is trying to talk to Kirsten about Ed Clark, but didn't realize the dinner would be crashed by Camille and Cameron. Camille and Kirsten decide to give Cameron and Fisher some space and go to the ladies room together to have a little girl talk. In the middle of their conversation, shots are fired in the restaurant and Camille and Kirsten run out to see Cameron and Fisher have been hurt.

At the hospital, Cameron is given the all clear, but Detective Fisher is still in ICU and there is a possibility he won't make it. Kirsten is stitched into the mind of the waitress who was also shot at the restaurant and Kirsten is able to get a clear picture of the shooter who turns out to be a former security guard who was hired at the stitcher office. Unfortunately, when Maggie goes to track him down he has already been killed. Thankfully they are able to stitch Kirsten into his memories and she's able to see he was close to her mother. Kirsten also recovers a memory of Cameron walking into the restaurant and passing the shooter. When Kirsten is brought out of the stitch she asks Cameron if he remembers anything, but due to the concussion, he isn't able to remember anything.

Cameron eventually gets the idea to have Kirsten stitched into his memories because he wants to know who is behind the threats on them. The team is completely against going into his memories because it could kill Cameron, but before they can stop him from doing anything stupid, he injects himself with a serum which will put him in a false death. The team quickly comes together and goes into Cameron's memories, but they aren't able to get a clear look at the car the shooter was at, but Kirsten learns that Cameron always has her on his mind and has feelings for her. Kirsten also discovers she met Cameron when she was a little girl after her accident and he comforted her in the hospital.

In the end, after Kirsten is brought out of the stitch, they try to start Cameron's heart, but he doesn't immediately wake up.

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