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On a special Halloween episode of Stitchers Season 1 Episode 11, Kirsten and the team are given a complex stitch involving a man named Devon who committed suicide, but admitted in his suicide note he kidnapped a woman he went to school with named Kelly. While in the stitch, Kirsten is being bounced around from one memory to another, but is shocked when Devon seems to see her in the stitch and threaten her which causes Kirsten to immediately bounce herself out. She tells the team about what she saw, but Cameron and Linus assure her it is nothing strange and is probably a mixture of two different memories coming together making it seem as though Devon is talking to her. 

Later while at her home, Kirsten is haunted by the "ghost" of Devon and immediately runs to Cameron's place for comfort. Cameron is able to calm her down and she ends up staying at his place to get some sleep, but when she starts having nightmares about being killed in a stitch, she calls on Cameron to stay in bed with her so she can relax. The next morning Kirsten is again stitched into Devon's memories where she gets a clear picture of where he may have left Kelly and sends the team to Devon's home and leads them to his basement where they are able to save Kelly.

Unfortunately the team isn't able to celebrate for too long because it turns out Devon had a twin brother named Gavin and Gavin holds Camille and Kirsten hostage and it's revealed he's the one behind Kelly's kidnapping and is actually the evil one of the the brothers. Kirsten is able to distract him long enough and takes him down quickly and he's arrested by Fisher. The team celebrates, not only saving Kelly's life, but also clearing Devon's name.

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