Kirsten's Boyfriend - Stitchers
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On Stitchers Season 1 Episode 7, Kirsten's boyfriend Liam shows up, surprising everyone on the team. Maggie demands Camille spy on the couple and report back on what she finds. Camille does some digging into Liam's belongings, but comes up with nothing. According to Camille, Liam is a good guy who has no skeletons in his closet, but she still provides Maggie with photos she swiped from his tablet. While Maggie goes through the photos, she spots a suspicious photo of man standing behind Liam. Maggie provides gives the photo to Les, who vows to do find the man and do away with the problem.

Meanwhile, Kirsten and Liam are reconnecting and this causes Cameron to get jealous. He tries to put doubt in Kirsten's mind about her relationship with Liam by stating long distance relationships don't work, but Kirsten doesn't have an issue with that. Cameron finally gives up and decides to have a boys night with Cameron where they vow to give up sex/women. 

Camille is very much on team Liam and pushes Kirsten to continue her relationship with him. Kirsten and Liam have a memorable night together and, after giving an impassioned speech about loving Kirsten, Liam proposed. 

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