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On Stitchers Season 1 Episode 8, the body of a doctor who was working on trying to find a cure for a deadly disease is brought into the lab. The team is hesitant at first to work on the body because they don't want to risk exposure, but Maggie assures them the body has been cleared and they go ahead with the stitch. While in the stitch, Kirsten sees the doctor inject herself with the deadly disease and inject herself, seemingly, with the cure but it's not working as quickly as she thought it would. Kirsten is taken out of the stitch and while they try to figure out what the doctor injected herself with, it becomes clear the virus is still active and it infects Linus first. 

Maggie locks down the entire lab and the team goes to work to try to figure out a cure. Unfortunately things go from bad to worse and the team slowly becomes infected with the disease. Maggie doesn't feel they have much hope and tells the entire team if they need to say goodbye to people, now is the time to do so. Cameron, Maggie and Linus all call people whom they love and they say their goodbyes, but Kirsten isn't willing to give up on finding the cure and Camille only cares about the people who are in the lab with her. 

In the end, Kirsten is able to figure out the cure did work, but it needs to be exposed to high heat to activate it. The team calls on Detective Fisher to get to cure from the other lab and Kirsten's theory is proven right.

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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Camille: So?
Kirsten: Context, please.
Camille: Liam, what did you tell him when he proposed?
Kirsten: I told him I needed to think about it.
Camille: Smart move. No sense at all in committing to the one guy on the planet who loves impossible you exactly as you are. What do you think you're going to tell him?
Kirsten: I'm not sure, and assuming you haven't blabbed to everyone here, don't say anything. I haven't told anyone else that Liam proposed.

So we're bringing someone who worked with deadly viruses and died under mysterious circumstances into the lab? What could possibly go wrong?