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On Stitchers Season 2 Episode 2, Kirsten is still surprised by this new Cameron. She tries to convince him not to get a motorcycle, but he decides to ignore her protest and buy the bike. Thankfully, Cameron and Kirsten's phones go off alerting them to a new case which puts a halt on the buying of the bike. 

At the stitchers headquarters they are given the case of a man, Derek, who was a known hacker and was killed in an odd way. Kirsten is stitched into his mind and finds out he received an email from a dating company which specialized in putting together people who wanted to cheat on their spouses. The moment the email came through Derek's insulin pump started pumping more insulin in him which resulted in him trying to get the pump out, but Derek accidently headed into the street and got ran over. 

Kirsten and Cameron look into Derek's past, but before they can get any information they are contacted by a woman named Ellie who hacked into their phones to track them down. She tells them they won't be able to crack the case because she is in control of everything, but Kirsten is determined to take her down. 

Ellie ends up making things difficult for Cameron and Kirsten. Ellie hacks into Cameron's financial accounts and freezes everything. Meanwhile, she puts a warrant out for Kirsten's arrest, but the warrant is lost when the cops try to find it again. Kirsten realizes Ellie just wants them to be aware she can get to them. 

The team does some brainstorming and Kirsten realizes Ellie feels like she was wronged by Derek and that's why she murdered him. Kirsten is stitched back into Derek's memories and realizes Ellie is Derek's ex wife and he cheated on her with the dating app. Kirsten is able to track down Ellie, whose real name is Linda, but Ellie refuses to talk to anyone except for Kirsten. 

Kirsten realizes she can use Ellie to help her track down her father and asks her to help. 

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Living on my own is going to be great.


Wow! Now you don't have to get off your fat ass to boil water.