Following Orders - Stumptown Season 1 Episode 16
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-Grey suggests maybe he and Dex have a one time hook up, but they decide it is a bad idea.

-Jeremy brings his cousin, Amy, who is possibly getting her children taken away to Dex for help. It triggers her PTSD. 

-Dex's commander had a woman, Hadjira, whose husband might have been the leader of an insurgent cell interrogated, but she had done nothing wrong. Dex fought back, but her commander forced her to do it.

-Dex trashes her house, and Grey comes over and finds her. 

-Dex agrees to take on Amy's case.

-Ansel comes to Grey for girl advice. 

-Dex goes to Hoffman for help with the case, but he says he is too busy to help.

-Hadjira had agreed to cooperate with Dex if she could ensure that they got her children away from her husband to make sure they were protected.

-Grey and Tookie have Ansel practice on Grey, and then a girl in the bar.

-Amy admits that she was serving alcohol at an illegal gambling ring when the crime occurred, but it is a violation of her parole, so she didn't admit it.

-Dex goes to see Cameron, the girl who won the tournament to ask her to back up Amy's alibi.

-Dex brings proof of Amy's alibi to the DA and they refuse to drop the charges.

-Dex's commander tells Dex to have Hadjira tortured to get intel about her husband instead of cooperating with her. 

-Dex comes clean to Jeremy about Hadjira and how Amy reminds her of her.

-Ansel asks out his crush, and she accepts.

-Hoffman finds the real culprit to the crime, but she won't fess up, so Dex guilt trips her.

-Paloma came clean, and they dropped the charges against Amy, allowing her to get custody back.

-Tookie encourages Grey to go after Dex, but Grey doesn't think Dex is what she needs right now. 

-Dex didn't listen to her commander and sent her team into a trap, which is how Benny died.

-Dex comes clean to Sue Lynn.

-Grey brings Ansel home.

-Jeremy did some digging for Dex about what happened the night Benny died and reveals that there is a lot Dex doesn't know. 

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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Hell has a mini bar.


Dex: I'm just so tired of running away from this, you know?
Grey: Then don't.