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The latest edition of Stylista began with an assistant's challenge that was won by Johanna and Megan. Anne liked the gift they bought for her (which was meant to be given to the owner of club Bungalow 8) better than the ones bought by the other tandems.

Quick aside: these assistant challenges aren't worth anything as they are currently set up. Why not offer the winner a better prize in order to make the tasks worthwhile?

For their victory, Johanna and Megan were actually split up. Each was named the captain of a team for this week's editorial challenge. Johanna chose Kate and Danielle, while Megan went with Ashlie and DyShaun. Here's what the challenge entailed:

Both teams would accompany Anne to a party at Bungalow 8. Once there, they would help her meet and greet various celebrities (this entailed memorizing the entire guest list) and then each squad would create a "party page" for the magazine.

In order to look good for the party, everyone was allowed to choose an outfit from the ELLE closet - and this is where Danielle ran into major trouble. Due to her size, few outfits fit her. The contestant shed many tears throughout the episode over her weight, as other competitors tried (sort of) to sympathize with her. In the end, Danielle simply wore a dress she had brought from home.

Another quick aside: We felt badly for Danielle, but come on. How can you aim to work in the world of fashion, yet get so distraught over the idea of wearing a fashionable outfit and/or attending a party along with many in the industry?

Anyway. Johanna's team failed miserably at the first part of the challenge. Despite an all-nighter by their captain, they barely remembered anyone's name at the shindig. Kate, of course, was zero help in this area. Megan's squad, conversely, seemed to get them all correct.

Back at home, the two sides had 90 minutes to put together their pages. Anne and Joe liked Megan's team's concept of focusing on leather, as it was apparent right away that Johanna's side would be up for elimination.

Because Kate took a leadership role on the project, she was deemed the first member safe for the week. It came down to Johanna and Danielle. Even though we like Johanna a lot, it was clear she failed at leading this task and deserved to go home. Instead, Anne eliminated Danielle because she didn't ask enough questions of her fellow members and simply typed whatever they asked for on to the layout.

Seemed like a lame reason to us, as an episode that focused mostly on Danielle ended with her going home.

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