Was there any fashion in this episode of Stylista? It seemed to be more focused on drama than any of the previous weeks. And that's saying a lot!

We kick off the hour with Kate being torn apart by fellow contestants. Ashlie is a crying mess over the fact that Cologne went home last week instead of Kate. This leads to many tears shed by Kate and a call home to her mom, during which the prospect of quitting the show arises. But Kate eventually gets over that.

The first task is for everyone in the group to simply shop for Anne. She's going to the Hamptons for a night and needs an outfit. Devin is chosen as the winner, which shocks her castmates. They later tell the 19-year old how inexperienced she is. Do these people do anything but sit around and hate on one another?

As a reward for her victory, Devin chooses the teams for the big challenge of the evening. (It involves setting up an ELLE fashion page, complete with a theme, set and the use of an actual model.) Devin chooses Kate, Ashlie, Megan and Danielle for team one, hoping they just fight the entire time.

That leaves William, Devin, Johanna and DyShaun in team two.

The first team chooses a retro theme and seems to be getting along sort of well, until Megan gets fed up during the shoot and actually walks away. Her and Kate bicker the entire time over which props to use.

Team two is at least more cohesive. They go for an unusual, risky theme that involves the use of five headless mannequins. DyShaun was essentially the leader of this squad, while Johanna came up with the idea for the set.

Anne, Joe and designer Tory Burch review each fashion spread. While they think the first one is a bit too basic, they do agree that it at least works on the page. This contrasts with the second team's decision; Anne doesn't understand the use of the mannequins, though she praises the team for taking a risk.

In the end, team one wins the challenge. DyShaun and Johanna are kept around from team two because at least they gave an effort; but William and Devin are eliminated for basically not contributing anything to the week's task. As Kate says at the end, "all the nice people are leaving."

We're guessing the show wants it that way.

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