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A satellite phone patent case led Mike and Harvey to deal with ethics issues that hit close to home.

Mike scrambled to figure out how to file a patent, only to find himself in debt to both a coworker and Louis Litt, a predicament that put him on the outs with Harvey. As a result, Mike struggled to reconcile their relationship.

In the meantime, Mike’s failure to file the patent on time caused Harvey to have to clean up his mess, forcing him to deal with an ethical dilemma. Left with only two choices, none of which were ideal, Harvey faced confessing to an affair he never had, or losing his patent challenge.

In the end, Mike and Harvey found their way back to one another in a plan that not only resolved the patent issues, but got their client the payoff he deserved. Furthermore, Harvey was cleared of any improprieties and Mike managed to snag his first client and earn a spot at the “adult table.”

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