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Harvey goes rogue this week! Look out, Jack Bauer.

Harvey attempts to save the partnership he built when the CEO of a large motor company passes away and take his place as a senior partner at Pearson and Hardman. Harvey’s maneuvering around bylaws causes significant tension between himself and Jessica, eventually causing Harvey to reconcile the broken situation with the health of a wealthy friend.

Mike attempts to plan a “Rookie Dinner” as per firm tradition, forcing him to ask Rachel for help in planning the dinner. In the meantime, his past is back to haunt him as Jenny returns to beg for Mike’s help with Trevor.

Mike finds himself between his feelings for Jenny and Rachel, leaving us to wonder if it what’s to become of the conflict.

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Suits Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm emotionally vested in me.


Mike: What? We're making all this money we can't celebrate?
Harvey: Not in poor taste.