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A young stock trader names Gabi got flagged for a trade she made for her firm, landing her in the path of the Department of Justice, who was hellbent on having her serve time for a crime she didn’t knowingly commit.

When Mike believes that Gabi is innocent, it becomes up to both Mike and Harvey to investigate improprieties for the sake of the firm’s future health, which is their client, while clearing Gabi of any wrongdoing.

Mike offers to help Rachel prep for the upcoming LSAT exam. When a friend close to Rachel suggests and alternative way of passing the exam, she takes the advice and almost puts the future of her legal career in jeopardy. Unfortunately, it put her relationship with Mike in jeopardy instead when she discovers he’s the one taking the test on behalf of others.


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Suits Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

If poor shooting were a crime I'd be forced to arrest you. It's embarrassing.


That phone is our only lead. Try not to lose it before I get back. Ok?