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Harvey and Hardman must work together on a case involving a nurse’s strike at a local hospital, and Mike finds himself in the middle of their power struggle. Similarly, Jessica charges Harvey with the responsibility of sticking it to Hardman, who fiercely pushes back on the pressure.

Rachel and Donna deal with her recent breakup by having a night out on the town. Rachel also decides to improve her life by signing up on an online dating website and taking the LSAT again. She does confronts Mike about his reasons for breaking up with him, correctly identifying his attempt to hide something from her, though Mike

A recruiter threatens to revoke Pearson and Hardman’s recruiting privileges at Harvard when a report finds that their associates are some of least happy in the country. Louis rallies to prove otherwise.


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Suits Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Once I tell you I can never take it back. This is my everything.


If you had heard me in there you would know that I give them the opportunity to rise to the occasion. I only wish that sometimes you would do the same for me.

Louis [to Jessica]